Ministry of Climate Change to Crack Down on Harmful Fairness Creams

Minister for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul, has announced that her ministry will initiate a crackdown against cosmetic companies that produce fairness creams with an excessive amount of mercury.

The crackdown will start after December 31, 2019. The ministry has discovered that 56 out of 59 samples of fairness creams contain more than one percent mercury, which is hazardous for the skin and can cause cancer.


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“We tested 59 brands in the country and 56 turned out to be using excessive doses of Mercury,” says Gul. The minister has called out these companies that make a profit on people’s insecurities and the society’s complexion complex.

“You are playing with our skin with your Rs. 10 creams,” says the climate change minister. She has resolved to take action against substandard cream manufacturers and has shared a list of hazardous beauty creams online.

The minister has vowed to seal the companies manufacturing hazardous beauty creams and all such brands after December 31.

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  • Wars are being fought on another level. Small amount of lead/mercury can make you sick and stay in body for up-to 30 years and can cause fatal damage to your kidneys, lungs, eyes, liver, brain etc.
    so beware ladies.!

  • This is a drug approval problem, not a climate change one. Don’t they have better things to do? Like take measures against global warming?

    • This is the major problem in Pakistan,
      Fawad Ch. is after molvies, not working on science. and Now zartaj gul?
      I have no objection on the crackdown, its a good thing.
      But not for ministry of climate change, where is the drug control department?

      • Sheikh Rasheed is also more interested in mouthing off rather than actually doing his job as the minister of railways. I don’t know why this is such a big problem with Pakistanis. These people have plenty to do in their job descriptions but they want to do anything but their jobs for which they’re paid using our tax money.

  • 223190 Nazar Nahi Aya Is List Main Aur Gul Ki Khubsurti Ka Raaz Kiya hai
    Wo Cream Bhi List Main Hai

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