PM Imran Serves Rs. 10 Billion Defamation Notice to Najam Sethi

Prime Minister Imran Khan has sent a defamation notice of Rs. 10 billion to the veteran journalist Najam Sethi.

Khan’s counsel, Babar Awan served the notice to Sethi for running a vicious campaign against PM Khan’s private life.

Azhar Laghari, the Central Head of PTI’s Public Relations, shared the copy of the notice on his Twitter handle.

“Senior Lawyer @BabarAwanPK has sent notice of Defamation Lawsuit of Rs.10 Billion to @najamsethi on behalf of his client Prime Minister of Pakistan @ImranKhanPTI,” the caption read.

The notice says that no leniency will be shown regarding fake news about PM  Imran.

The Prime Minister had announced taking legal action against the journalist after he had made false claims regarding the premier’s married life.

Sethi, in his TV show, claimed that Bushra Bibi, Khan’s wife, had filed for divorce and the couple was about to part ways.

  • Very well done Mr Khan. This is essential. As they can’t just roam around with blubring big mouthed false lies.

  • Pehly yh jhoota apna defamation to lary. Jis myn is jhootay ny 35 puncture start kia phr khud e mukr gya. Liar of the century.

  • Any body remember 35 panchur . Jaisa kero gaye waisa bharo gaye.
    35 punchar was also defamation

  • Hats off to Najam Sethi for always speaking the truth, regardless of the consequences. 35 puncture khan has set new standards of lying and cheating in Pakistani politics. Our future generations will suffer due to this cursed khan….

  • “Sethi, in his TV show, claimed that Bushra Bibi, Khan’s wife, had filed for divorce and the couple was parting ways soon.” That is certainly not what he claimed. Go check the archives on youtube before making such a statement…

  • Wait. I think I saw the show where Sethi said that Imran Khan and his wife had a big fight over his dogs in the house or something like that and that the issue was promptly resolved. I don’t think he ever said that she had filed for divorce. Please do share some video or a source where we can see that he said exactly what is claimed in the article.

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