A Pakistani Claims He’s the Founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin is the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency and what makes it even more appealing is that no one knows the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who is said to be the founder of the digital currency.

There have been multiple people who have come forward claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto and today another claimant to the name has thrown his hat in the ring – Bilal Khalid, a Pakistani.

In a three-part blog, Bilal, who has changed his name to James Caan – an ode to the actor who played Sonny Corleone in the Godfather – because he feels he is the Godfather of the digital currency.

In the blog, he has provided evidence to support his claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto along with his story on what inspired him to work on digital currency and why he decided to step back into the shadows.

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is important because he holds the largest quantity of Bitcoins and according to estimates, it should be worth $10 billion in today’s value. Bilal, in his blog, says that his father used to work in United Bank Limited (UBL) and “The choice of deriving the term “Bitcoin” from BCCI (the Bank of Credit and Commerce International) was because, in Chaldean numerology, the word Bitcoin is equivalent to the number 23, the digits of which when added together equate to the number 5.  I wanted to equate the BCCI name to Bitcoin name, so I added “The” with BCCI.  Though I first registered B-C-C-I as a domain name, “theBCCI” is equivalent to number 23.”

He also says,

I pledged to reveal my country of origin and my education.  I am from Pakistan.  I reside in the UK.  I have never resided in the U.S.  I was graduated from Al-Khair University in Pakistan. I took online courses from Yale in financial management, from Duke in behavioural finance, and from the University of California-Irvine in project management.

In the lengthy blog, he has attempted to provide evidence of how he created Bitcoin as well as the reasoning for limiting Bitcoin to only 21 million in total and how he lost his entire Bitcoin collection.

At the end of the first part of the blog, he concludes by saying,

So, if you don’t mind, go along with me in this revolution as we make stunning innovations for the continuum century and establish the framework for future ages to live in a secure, community-owned world. My full legal name is James Bilal Khalid Caan. But I will forever be known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

You can read his blog here and let us know what you think in the comments below

  • “I was graduated from Al-Khair University in Pakistan” if this is his actual quote, then the truth is out there for everyone to see.

    • James Caan is none other than (hold your breath), Mr.Fawad Chaudhary. He would have solved our economic woes had he been given the Finance ministry. Sigh, what a waste of talent.

  • Come on… This is another person (this time Pakistani) claiming such title. Afterall, what will he gain from “But I will forever be known as Satoshi Nakamoto.”? BS

  • I had created Microsoft, I am real Billgates,
    The Man who claims, he is Billgates, he is my Duplicate,
    I am real Billgates…

      • You guys abused and cursed at Abdul Wahab way to much. I think he either afraid of commenting or doesn’t check propakistani at all.

    • I am Steve Jobs. I am the real deal. I did not die as the world believes. I am in Karachi pondering upon the next big idea. I am revealing myself only to the readers of propakistani. My real name is Steve Imran Khan No Jobs.

  • Mujhe to ye Fahad Mustafa ka duplicate lag raha hai, agar wo tind karwa de to almost aisa he dikhy ga. :-p

  • Bilal used to work for me many years ago. He went off to England and got into Finance and Trading. This area was dominated by Christians and Jews, so he blended in with his new name registered in the UK: James BK Caan. Fell ill for a while and during this time came out with this concept and created the Blockchain as a base and BitCoin as the currency. He had various reasons, mostly altruistic, so that the developing countries can come out of the clutches of the Dollar based economy. He was here a few months ago and recorded his video message at a common friends office.

    • I have watched the video message too. He talks about an engine designed on the lines of perpetual motor using electo magnets and super conductors. May be the next thing James BK Caan is working on will be this. Also he mentioned the likelihood of generating electricity from ions in ionosphere. He also talked about simplifying space travel by using radiation as fuel from Van Allen belt. Simply a genius!

  • There is no debate here. Sigh a message using the genius blocks key on the blockchain and the truth shall revealed.

  • اگر سچی مچی اسی نے بٹ کوئن بنایا ہے تو پھر یہ محب وطن نہیں ، اس نے پاکستان کو اس سے فائدہ کیوں نہیں دیا ؟؟؟ اگر اس نے بٹ کوئن نہیں بنایا تو پھر یہ شخص اپنا تماشہ بنا رہا ہے۔ کوا چلا ہنس کی چال تو اپنی بھی بھول گیا۔ یہ اپنے آپ کو پاکستانی کہہ رہا ہے اگر اس کا جھوٹ پکڑا جاتا ہے تو یہ پاکستانی قوم کو بھی بدنام کر رہا ہے۔

  • The real Satoshi Nakamoto would NEVER do this. He’s just flat out more intelligent than this. Also, I will never believe any of these “stories” or “convenient excuses” on why they can’t move the BTC. For me to believe, I will need 100% irrefutable proof. Anything less, I consider it a marketing ploy.

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