Vote for Artec to Support Pakistani Culture’s Victory at Berlin Festival of Lights

One of the biggest arts and culture events came to life in Berlin as hundreds of teams competed at the famous ‘Festival of Lights 2019’. This year, the event was lit up with the vibrant colors and culture of Pakistan. Artec – a Pakistani company, is representing the nation on a global stage. The company displayed stunning 3D mapping projections of Pakistan at Berlin’s famous landmarks.

The renowned festival is a beautiful spectacle of light as different teams bring their most unique visual projections to life. Artec from Pakistan shined this year after being shortlisted to display their project on the Television Tower in Berlin. The company is trying to present a positive and colorful image of Pakistan.

Artec went with the theme of Kashmir and the one theme that truly captured the beautiful essence of Pakistani culture and art – ‘Truck Art’.

Artec chose ‘Truck Art’ because it is one of the most popular, distinct and easily recognizable art forms that represents Pakistani heritage. People and tourists are often spellbound by our nation’s unique and colorful truck art. The 3D projection is currently taking place in Berlin between 11-20th of October 2019.

Artec is a well-known Pakistani company with an impressive portfolio that contains VR & AR, 3D mapping projections. The company was a befitting inclusion at the ‘Festival of Lights’ to represent Pakistan at an international stage. Artec has a list of very high-level clients that include Emirates, Samsung, Amazon Mall, Ogilvy, Pakistan Tobacco Company and Graana. Their recent work at the 89th Saudi National Day Celebration at the Serena Hotel, Islamabad earned the company a lot of praise.

Pakistanis have a chance to vote for Artec this year at the Festival of Lights competition, so they can bring home the prestigious title and make us proud.

You can vote for Artec at the following link.

  • The best projects are presented on Germany’s tallest building during the festival.
    Best of Luck for Artec

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