US Congress Demands an Answer From India Over Kashmir

The United States’ (US) Congressmen have written a letter to the Indian Ambassador to Washington, Harsh Vardhan Shringla, seeking an answer on the current situation in the occupied Kashmir.

The letter signed by the six members of the US Congress has sought clarification from him on the differences in his statement regarding Kashmir and on the ground situation.

Shringla was summoned in the House Foreign Affairs Committee on October 16 for a briefing over Kashmir.

The Indian Ambassador had presented an all-okay report before the committee, which was later rejected by the Congress.

The Congressmen have noted that Shringla’s briefing in the committee does not match the ground realities. They also urged India to allow journalists and a member of congress to visit the valley.

We believe true transparency can only be achieved when journalists and members of congress are allowed free access to the region. We encourage India to open Jammu and Kashmir to both domestic and foreign journalists and other international visitors in the interest of open and increased communication.

The letter has also questioned the use of pellet guns and rubber bullets by the Indian forces against the protesters, which have blinded several of them.

Can you confirm whether there are known cases of protesters being blinded by rubber bullets, including the number of children? Are rubber bullets still being used for crowd control? What is the Indian government doing to ensure the rights of peaceful protesters?

The Congressmen also pushed the Indian government to restore the landline and internet services in the occupied valley.

The letter also seeks details of all the people detained, arrested, and killed in Kashmir since August 5.

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