PM Imran Officially Launches Clean & Green Index for 19 Cities

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched another promising initiative to save the environment, called the ‘Clean and Green Pakistan Index (CGPI).’

The program will encourage major cities of the country to take environment-friendly steps and gain points on the index. In the first phase, 19 city governments from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) will take part in the competition.

The CGPI is a barometer that will measure the environment-friendliness and cleanliness of different cities for six months. Their performance will be gauged on five parameters: Plantation, Safe Water, Safe Sanitation, Hygiene & Liquid Waste Management, and Solid Waste Management.


KP Claims to Have Solved Air Pollution and Smog in the Province

While addressing the launch ceremony, PM Khan said that environmental pollution is dangerous to human health, and urged his countrymen to work in collaboration with the government to eradicate this hazard.

Nations, who do not plane for its future generations, face severe consequences. We must take care of our environment to go down well in history.

He lamented previous governments for destroying the natural beauty and green cover of Lahore, saying that the city’s tap water was drinkable 35 years ago, and now even the air has become poisonous to breathe.

Khan blamed the PML-N government for destroying the air quality of metropolis, saying:

70 percent of the trees in the provincial capital have been cut down to build unnecessary projects like Metro Bus and Orange Line.


Pakistan Loses 9% of its GDP to Climate Change and Air Pollution: Malik Amin

Khan said that the pollution in the city has reached dangerous levels.

“We don’t even know how many people have been affected by it so far,” Khan said, adding that urgent measures were required for damage control.

Speaking to media a day before the launch, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, said that the Climate Ministry is going to launch this initiative under PM Khan’s political manifesto of clean and green Pakistan.

He mentioned that the country’s socio-economic, health, and environmental damages amount to Rs. 700 billion annually.

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