Zong 4G Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion at Cultural Day

Zong 4G has once again promoted diversity and inclusion by celebrating the cultures of China and Pakistan with great zest and fervor. The festivities held at Zong Headquarters in Islamabad were an amalgamation of fun and activities for cultural awareness and appreciation.

Traditional cuisines from both cultures were also served, enabling employees to fully immerse themselves and understand the significance of the diverse cultures at Zong 4G.

A large number of employees wore Pakistani and Chinese dresses to showcase their respective traditional attires and spent the day learning about cultures from both countries.

While taking pride in Pillars of Collaboration, Openness, and Innovation, Zong 4G’s celebration of both cultures served as a means to instilling the new values of corporate culture that bind the organization together. By providing the enabling environment to its employees, Zong 4G’s diverse work philosophy stimulates creativity in teams to innovate and deliver the best experience to the Pakistan’s largest subscriber base of 4G.

By pioneering emerging technologies and spearheading the digital innovation in Pakistan, Zong 4G’s progressive workplace culture has led to cement the 4G leadership in the industry and strengthen teamwork, making this partnership an exemplary one in terms of digitalization of Pakistan.

Speaking at the occasion, Chairman and CEO Zong 4G, Mr. Wang Hua said,

As a truly multicultural organization, our culture day is a manifestation of our cultural values.

We aim to not only emphasize on our different cultural values and sharing respect, but also bring about a constant reminder of how we are promoting three main Cultural Pillars of Collaboration, Openness, and Innovation.

By promoting cultural diversity and inclusion, Zong 4G remains the foremost employer of choice. Through its consistent strategy of innovation and digitalization Zong 4G is at the forefront of promoting the digital ecosystem and is in the continuous pursuit of optimal service delivery to its customers.

The event resonated with Zong 4G’s commitment to go above and beyond when it comes to championing the cultural diversity, inclusion and providing an opportunity to its employees to celebrate their achievements in growing Zong 4G as, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication Network.

  • Diversity/inclusion celebrations to revive Zong’s initiatives to participate in 4G fruits of Quality Accession in ITU reccomendations in Geneva. Specrum which has taken Off in major cities Urban and backward population provide access for ‘Digitisation of Pakistan initiatives also meet the Code of Conduct of the Competetion Commission of Pakistan.
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    May I suggest the Chair person Federal Board Revenue, Pakistan to consider on Zong 4G subject to endorsement from the Competetion Commission of Pakistan for transparency of 4G or Char G.
    The FBR may consider request to waive taxes on Zong 4G, as Federal TAxes on the service bandwidth, and the compliant handset for Senior, PWD in Pakistan subject to the CCP authority clears as the true competetion to the consumers of Pakistan.

  • What about the Uighurs? Why do the Chinese forget about diversity of Muslims back in China? They are not even allowed to practice their religion, the government puts them Jails for doing so.

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