Only 39% of People Use WhatsApp in Pakistan: Survey

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In a recent survey carried out by the Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, it came to light that only 39% of Pakistanis use WhatsApp while the remaining 61% either don’t know what the platform is, or they are not interested in using it.

The survey was broken down into three parts:

Urban/Rural Divide

The overall usage of WhatsApp in urban areas was much more than in rural areas. In rural Pakistan, 34% of people said they used WhatsApp while 56% of the population did not use the application and 6% said they did not know or did not wish to respond.

On contrary to this 48% of people in urban areas said they use WhatsApp; 49% of people don’t while only 3% of the population did not know or did not wish to respond.

Age Breakdown

Age-wise, millennials were found more likely to use the IM application as compared to people older than 30 years. Around 46% of the population younger than 30 years use WhatsApp while only 36% of people between 30 to 50 years claimed to use WhatsApp. The percentage dropped to 8% for people older than 50.

Gender Breakdown

The results of gender breakdown were pretty weird though. Among the total people surveyed, 59% of the males agreed to use WhatsApp while only 25% of the females acknowledged using it.

  • pata nai kahan survey kia hai, yahan to call b whatsapp pr hoti hai or message b, normal message pr to sirf saba load wali message, ufone, pani ki tanki saf krwane or puranay AC sale krne walo k message atay hain bus

  • Its really strange. surprised to see such low percentage. I think most of the people in Pakistan uses WhatsApp.

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