Cyril Almeida Gets Schooled for Taking on DC Islamabad on Twitter

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Hamza Shafqaat has quite a lot of fan following on Twitter especially due to his friendly interactions with the common man.

DC Islamabad’s recent visit to a school in the city and later his tweet about how other schools must follow the footsteps of Al-Huda hasn’t been well received by, Cyril Almeida. The columnist who resigned recently from Dawn, was quick to respond, taking a dig at DC Islamabad for not minding his own business.


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Here’s what DC Islamabad posted:

Cyril tried lecturing the Deputy Commissioner like this:

Hamza Shafqaat didn’t like the response much, giving a tit for tat reply.

The tweet received a mixed response from the Twitterati as some loved the response whereas others urged the official to avoid arguing on such forums from the official Twitter account.

Below are some the responses in the thread:

There were some who bashed Al-Huda school system:

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Feature Writer

  • I have had a personal experience with Al Huda, AIMS, and Dar e Arqam, and for once I agree with that one comment regarding Al Huda’s brainwashing. I taught at AIMS once, and I was amazed to see that they do not focus on Pakistan Studies or Pakistan History, rather they have extra classes for Islamic books from Saudi scholars…same was the case with Dar e Arqam.

  • DC islamabad was schooled by the red-tape marred Paki bureaucracy with a monocle on eyes while Almeida has vast exposure to Pakistani political and cultural dynamics as journalist.
    One can easily recognize who’s on the wrong.

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