DC Islamabad Bans Sale of Carbonated Drinks in Educational Institutes

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad, Hamza Shafqaat, has imposed a ban on the sale of carbonated and sugary drinks in the educational institutions of the federal capital.

An official notification stated that it has been brought into the notice of DC Islamabad that soft drinks were being sold at the canteens of educational institutes.

“Since these items are injurious to the health of children, no person shall sell sugary drinks within premises of educational institutes,” stated the notification.

Here is the official notification:

The ban, which comes into force with immediate effect, has been imposed for an initial period of 2 months.

However, the government can permanently impose the ban through statutory orders.

Moreover, public, private educational institutes, and religious seminaries have been ordered to observe compliance with the ban.

The development resulted from a poll set up by the official twitter account of DC Islamabad asking citizens whether fizzy drinks should be available to children in educational institutes?

Out of the 20,000 votes, a whopping 89.9% of the voters called for a ban on soft drinks within premises of schools. Whereas, 10.1% of voters disagreed with the DC Islamabad.

Here is the poll set up last month:

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has lauded DC Islamabad’s decision and announced to implement the ban across all schools under its jurisdiction.