Pakistan Named World’s Most Affordable Country to Live in 2020

According to a recently published report ‘Most Expensive Countries in the World to Live In 2020’ by the CEOWORLD magazine, Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world to live in. Whereas, the publisher has declared Pakistan as the most affordable country in the world.

The report has ranked Norway at 2nd place, which is followed by Iceland, Japan, Denmark, Bahamas, Luxembourg, Israel, Singapore, and South Korea.


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Here are the 10 most expensive countries in the world:

In the top 20 list, 9 countries are from Europe, 5 from Asia, 2 each from the Caribbean and Oceania, and 1 each from North America and Africa.

CEOWORLD magazine has placed Australia and New Zealand at 16th and 17th positions respectively. Whereas, Canada is the 24th, United Kingdom 27th, and Germany 29th most expensive country in the world to live in 2020.


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At the opposite end of the list, Pakistan is the most affordable country in the world to live in 2020, according to CEOWORLD. Afghanistan, India, Syria, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Venezuela, Kosovo, and Georgia follows Pakistan at the bottom end of the list.

Here are the 10 most affordable countries in the world:

Study Criteria:

To compile a list of the world’s most expensive and affordable countries, CEOWORLD magazine collects and analyze the following metrics from all the countries:

  • Cost of living
  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Eating out
  • Purchasing power

CEOWORLD magazine then assigns each country an average score using these metrics. The score of each country is then compared with New York, which serves as a benchmark with a score of 100 for the entire list.

Countries with a score higher than the score of New York are attributed as expensive countries while those with a score lower than New York are attributed as affordable.

For instance, Switzerland has an average score of 122.4, meaning it is way expensive than New York. On the other hand, Pakistan has an average score of 21.98 which makes it the most affordable country in the world.

Read the report in detail at CEOWORLD Magazine

  • Are you sure about that?
    Imran Khan is working so hard to get out of that list, and making Pakistan very expensive to live.

    • Inflation has reached double digits. And our PM thinks he is doing good. Rate of unemployment has increased drastically and it is said that it will take 20 years to fix the current mess. Naya Pakistan seems so beautiful.

  • CEOWorld aik Indian chala raha hai Greece say. Yeh aik aam sa magazine hai jissay Greece main bhi koi nahin poochta . Aaaj kal croron rupees lay kar par campaigns chalata hai. Kabhi Africa to kabhi arab mulkoun ko behtreen karar day daita hai.
    Afreen hai Pakistanio par kay kis kis tarah phuddo ban jaatay hain.

  • We have worst crime safety,liberty,happiness,work quality,living quality,environment,tax system, traffic system, trade routes, education,medical and list goes on long drive.
    Allah is mulk ko chala raha hai.

  • Pakistani’s truly are ungrateful. Do you have any idea the state of the Economy, the shambles it was left in after decades of abuse. How do you propose the PM rectify it? None of you care for the country otherwise you would realise, short term pain is essential for future growth.

    • Good to see a positive thinker among those whose only knows criticism. Brothers with due respect, being living in realistic world give your PM more time to settle things. Of-course this will take time so be patient and be positive I can request only. And dont forget that nation is now in safe hands by all means.
      “Long Live Pakistan” and May Allah protect people who are putting their efforts to build a stronger Pakistan. ( Ameen )

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