KP Govt Establishes Provincial and District Level Coronavirus Surveillance Centers

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s government has established provincial and district surveillance centers to ensure maximum collaboration between all departments of the province amid Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan.

The KP government has established a Provincial Disease Surveillance Center (PDSC) and District Disease Surveillance Centers (DDSC) under Section 8 of the KP Public Health (Surveillance and Response) Act, 2017.


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Provincial Disease Surveillance Center

PDSC, which will act as a central monitoring body, will have representatives from all provincial departments and the army. It has been tasked to ensure cooperation between departments across all districts, issue updated advisories, and inform citizens regarding ongoing Coronavirus situation.

Headed by Director KP Public Health Department, PDSC will hold regular meetings of all stakeholders to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the measures undertaken to contain the spread of Coronavirus in the province.

Besides, PDSC will ensure an uninterrupted supply of medical equipment to all provincial departments.


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District Disease Surveillance Centers

DDSCs, which will be headed by Deputy Commissioner of each district, have been tasked to gather information regarding COVID-19 in the province and send it to PDSC.

DDSCs will have members from district health, education, and other departments. They will ensure effective coordination between departments at the district level to prevent the disease from breaking out.

District level centers will also ensure the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all front line health workers to prevent them from falling prey to the virus in the line of duty.