Another Controversy: Hafeez Gets Into a Public Argument With a Sports Journalist

Following the difference of opinion surrounding Mohammad Hafeez’s remarks against Sharjeel Khan, the all-rounder has been embroiled in another controversy.

This time around, however, it wasn’t Hafeez who started the debate. A prominent sports journalist called out two of the senior-most batsmen in the Pakistan team, who according to him cannot play the short ball. Here’s how it all started:

Pakistan correspondent to ESPNCricinfo, Umar Farooq Kalson, mentioned Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik in Wisden’s tweet.


‘Hafeez Has Achieved Nothing, is Just an Average Player’: Former Pakistan Cricketer

Cricket statistician was quick to call out the journalist for his misjudgment regarding Hafeez’s ability to play the short ball. He, in fact, is one of the finest pullers of the cricket ball in the team.

Hafeez couldn’t hold back and hurled back the taunts at the journalist, saying the prevailing coronavirus pandemic is fiddling with minds.

Kalson didn’t shy back either, taking another dig at the national cricketer while asking him on work on his game in this period of isolation.

Cricket lovers have a divided opinion on this as some believe that Kalson should not have disrespected a senior cricketer publicly whereas others think that Hafeez is an overrated cricketer anyway.

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  • I am sorry but what credentials does this Umar Farooq Kalson has. Does he know how to play cricket in different conditions with different bowlers who use strategies to get their target out. No he doesn’t. So to Kalson I say, “Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk”.

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