Sindh Bans Congregational Taraweeh Prayers

Just one day before the start of the holy month of Ramzan, Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah, has imposed a ban on Taraweeh congregations fearing a spike in coronavirus cases.

The development came days after the federal government had an agreement with Ulemas to conditionally open mosques for group prayers, Jummah and Taraweeh.

It was decided that religious leaders will implement all pre-established standard operating procedures (SOPs) including physical distancing, cleaning of the floor, no handshakes, and use of face masks in mosques. It was also decided that Taraweeh congregations will not be held on roads, footpaths, or anywhere other than the mosques.


PTV Will Broadcast Taraweeh Prayers Live During Ramzan

However, Chief Minister Murad had a change of heart less than 24 hours before the first Taraweeh. In the late hours of Thursday, he released a video message asking people to offer Taraweeh at home as it was not an obligatory prayer.

“There will be Taraweeh congregations in mosques, but the public will not be allowed to attend,” Murad said, adding that a similar rule will apply on Jummah prayers.


Govt Issues Ramzan Guidelines for Praying in Mosques During Lockdown

CM Sindh said a curfew-like lockdown during the Jummah prayers (12 pm to 3 pm) will continue to keep the public from violating the orders.

A sudden spike in coronavirus cases has been observed in Sindh since it eased the lockdown restrictions, the chief minister said, adding that the government has to take this difficult decision to save human lives.

  • TBH, I’m concerned about these restrictions on mosques only, why they don’t follow these instructions in markets and other areas, why they only restricting the mosques. Just an example, whoever came in the mosque, will wear clean clothes and do the wudu (proper hygiene), but in markets, everyone goes without proper hygiene and clothing.

    • Namaz Ghar Par Parhee Ja Sakti Hau, Es Leay Masjid Jana Zarori Nahi.

      Jab Kay Sabzee, Daal, Aata, Mobile Load Etc. Ghar Mai Available Nahi Hota, Es Leay Market Jana Zarori Ho Jata Hai.

      • Ever heard of Home Delivery? There are many other options are available as well. But I think you didn’t follow the pattern of news and their timings. They are only targeting mosques specifically. Just view the pro-Pakistani blog, there are 3 articles in only 2 days (with Chinese researchers as well, PS: I think you heard of Uyghur), and there are many other blogs as well that are spreading this. Just to answer your question, if we offer prayer at home, then we should do all the other things at home as well. And one thing more, I don’t know about any other city, but here in Rawalpindi, other than public transport, there is a very minor difference in road traffic (public transport also operating in inner-city areas), most of the shops are open and there are a lot of customers as well.

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