Israel’s Smart Rifle Scopes That Never Miss Are Now Being Tested Globally

Scopes are meant to make lives easier for soldiers, allowing them to hit their targets with greater accuracy. An Israeli firm, Sharp Shooter, has developed an advanced scope, which ensures that every bullet hits the target it was intended for.

The British Army is testing the smart rifle scope that locks the target with a red square based on image processing, thus making every bullet count.



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Touted as a game-changer in infantry warfare, the scope can be used with any rifle and it automatically finds targets by putting a red square around it.

SAS, a special unit of the British Army, is currently testing the newly developed scopes that the US Delta Force has already hailed as ‘outstanding’.


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Working with the same accuracy in both day and night, the scope calculates all the angles, speed, distance, and other factors before locking a target. Once the target is locked, all you have to do is press the trigger and the bullet is released in a millisecond.

The scope costs £800 and it is in use by the Israeli forces for over a year. Armies from Australia and America have also tested it in recent times.

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  • Great, they are doing research and allocate a lot of budget in defence, and here we are, protesting against the army, suggesting the defence budget cuts and a lot of other things that are necessary for surviving in this wild world.

    That’s why the Quran said:
    “Tayyar rakho apni taqat aur apni quwwat aur zara-e-jang ke sath, takey HAIBAT tari ho jaey unke dilon per jo dushman hen Allah ke aur tumharey dushman – (Al-Anfaal – 60)”

    • The company that is developing this technology is not getting money from the defense budget. They are a private company.

      Also we all know that where our defense budget goes. So raising budget will not help us.

      Israel’s and American Civilian companies do Research and Development for the defense. So Pakistani government must enable Civilian companies so that they can do research and development in this field.

  • “with 4 decades of LIVE-TARGET testing & research on Palestineans to back this Tech”. #PooriKhabar

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