Govt to Bring NES Competitive Exam to Shortlist the Best CSS Civil Servants & Professionals

The federal government is mulling over creating a National Executive Service (NES) as an All Pakistan Service to equip bureaucrats with skills essential to analyze the intricate issues facing Pakistan and to enable them to devise appropriate policies and strategies.

NES will induct talented officers from across the country regardless of their present groups and services through a transparent and competitive process.


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Prime Minister’s on Task Force on Civil Service Reforms (TFCSR) has finalized a draft in this regard.

According to the draft, NES will offer bureaucrats an attractive salary package, incentives, and fast track promotion prospects. TFCSR believes this proposition can put an end to corruption in the bureaucracy and will help officers to perform better.

Moreover, NES will offer a platform to smaller provinces for increased participation in the top-level decision-making process.

Besides bureaucrats, other government employees with professional backgrounds can become a part of NES as well. They just have to meet the eligibility criteria and pass the competitive process.


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A statement from the draft reads as:

The jobs in the public sector require highly specialized skills in economics, social development, technical professions, regulation, and human resource management. The selectees for the high-level jobs have to prove that they possess a mixture of substantive knowledge and skills combined with leadership traits. Pakistan’s future knowledge-based economy can be effectively managed by individuals who are able to demonstrate, display, and practice these attributes.

The proposal of NES had originally been tabled before TFCSR in 2019. However, TFSCR shelved the scheme as it was working on reforms in retirement rules, performance appraisal, training, and promotion policy.

Now, TFCSR is expected to present the draft of the NES before the Implementation Committee for review in the coming days.

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