Pakistan and China Set up COVID-19 Prevention and Control Mechanism

Pakistan and China have formally established a joint COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism to increase bilateral coordination in the ongoing fight against the pandemic.

A joint meeting in this regard has already taken place, a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry revealed.


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The inaugural meeting of the joint COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism was also held. Representatives from sectors and departments of foreign affairs, public health, education, and customs on both sides attended the meeting.

According to details, the COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism is based on a three-pronged strategy.

Initially, both countries will take local targeted prevention measures to curb the spread of the virus to stem cross border transmission.

Both nations will share experience in the second phase and China will provide support and assistance to Pakistan to build the latter’s capacity in dealing with the outbreak.

Lastly, both countries will increase economic cooperation and personnel exchange to maintain the prevention and control mechanism over the long term.


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Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, has said that the mechanism is a testament to the long-established relationship between Pakistan and China.

The establishment of the joint COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism is an embodiment of our relationship as a community with a shared future sharing wheel and woe.

Cooperation between Pakistan and China since the outbreak through government, military, businesses, and social channels is exemplary for the world, said Zhao Lijian.