Pakistan Sets Eyes on China’s New J-35 Fighter Jet That Takes on America’s Best F-35

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China’s latest stealth capable fighter jet J-35, under development as a part of FC31 project, will start flying in 2021 with production expected to start before 2025, Chinese and US media have reported.

The fifth-generation J-35 is a direct competition for American stealth fighter F-35 and reports state that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has set its eyes on the new Chinese fighter aircraft in response to India’s purchase of French Rafale.


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According to the experts, the J-35 is a production-ready version of J-31, which bears a strong resemblance to F-35. The J-31 was originally planned to enter into service with the People’s Liberation Army of China by 2019 after being first unveiled in 2012, however, China’s inability to produce high-performance afterburning turbofan engines somewhat halted the progress of the aircraft.

With J-35 likely to be a revamped version of J-31, it is understood that China is confident that it can develop its own high-performance jet engines. The J-31 was earlier powered by Klimov RD-33 engines, the same as being used in Russian MiG-29 jets.


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Experts believe that the J-35 will likely replace fourth-generation fighter J-10 because of its advanced tech and stealthy design. Renowned science and technology magazine, Popular Mechanics, wrote that the J-35 will make the Chinese Air Force more capable than ever.

If the new jet is indeed the J-35 and China builds large numbers of them, it will create a Chinese air force to be reckoned with.

According to the reports, the cost of the fighter jet will be around $70 million. In comparison, the F-35 is valued at $79 million whereas the French Rafale fighter costs $77 million. To maintain balance of power in South Asia, Pakistan will have to buy stealth-capable J-35 multi-role fighter jets in response to India’s Rafale.

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    • You are ill informed buddy. They have Mirage 2000s, MIG 29s, Su 30s and Rafale. Are all comparable to Pakistan’s F-16s and JF-17s. Su-30 and Rafale even exceed in capabilities and various specifications against anything PAF has to offer. Never count on enemy’s sloppy management and internal flaws. Be prepared for the worse and hope for the best is the only way that leads to the victory.

  • Million dollar question is from where we get the money to buy?
    And even of we got money, China will not sell it’s flagship aircraft to third world country. Therefore better keep our F16s safe. It’s the only reputed aircraft that we own.

  • PAF has not been able to develop a single jet engine since 1947. NAB should investigate that where the money of research and development is going. Even the engine of JF17 (RD-93) is made in Ukraine and its avionics are made in France.

    • agr itna asan hota to sab na banalete hain ji
      Zara reserch cost to check karna ja k srif engine ki
      prat and whitney ya rollsrocyes ki website pe

      bhai buhat time and pysa lagra h jab apna hardware and software banate hain windows use karne walon

      • Go and learn the history of Hans von Ohain. How much he had spent for the first jet engine. Do you know that SpaceX budget (that is sending 100 satellites per year) is smaller than PAF?. India has sent the first Mars mission in under 10 million US Dollars ( equivalent to the cost of only one JF17 thunder).

    • Dear, It appears your are expert in defense technologies. With a humble question do you know what is the process of Research & Development. R & D does not fall under purview of operational defense forces. R & D is done in a private sector qualified in STEM education is only. If forces spend money in R & D then operation and maintenance gets affected. Every year our innocent Pakistanis criticize defense budget spending (pays and pensions, maintenance , operation and development) major spending goes in operation , maintenance and pays and pensions. very meager amount is left in the kitty for development.
      You may also be knowing that Pakistan had identified after 71 war that it can not match India in conventional weapons due difference in size economies that is why to maintain a balance of power Pakistan opted for nuclear response to put less burden on national economy. Imagine what is stopping India to show aggression after 1971 it is Nuclear resources. Otherwise, you have seen smaller countries not having this option are being threatened by bigger nations and even being attacked. We should thank Allah and those wise people here and there to make national defense strong. Remember, your defense forces are like your wall against vultures inside and outside. Imagine Libya has two government, Afghanistan has two governments, Syria has so many rulers, Somalia and Sudan, Iraq once rich state has also problems making them so weak to defend themselves. Real power of our defence is its population no one can dare touch us as long as we are ready to give our lives for national defence.

  • Welcome addition this will again put balance of power in Pakistan’s favour, Indian Rafaels & MKII will be no where near especially if J-35s are equipped with PL-15 BVRMs. Insha Allah.

  • Pakistan already has balance at strategic and tactical lvl and the balance wont go out till 2030 owing to indias procurement timeline and then deploying rafale jets. Info in the article is nonfactual and Pak is not looking for a twin engine stealth aircraft. Infact, PAF is already in contact with China for design of single engine version of FC-31. Bt expected timeline to rollout plans of procurement or production are after 2030.

    • Well your knowledge is both wrong and outdated too. With the ongoing purchase of Rafale and S-400, the balance has been already tilted towards Indian Air Force. These systems would attain full operational capability in IAF within a matter of few years. And no, I highly doubt that PAF’s 5th Gen fighter would be a single engine fighter jet. It would be a complete waste of resources. The only 5th Gen single engine fighter is F-35 possess a fat ass P&W F135 engine capable of producing 43000 lbs of thrust. Thats more than the engines of F-22 raptor and Russian AL31/AL41 engines. Even with one of the most powerful engine, F-35 is an underpowered, mediocre in speed, dogfighting and doesn’t fill the role of air superiority role as compared to jets like raptor, j-20 or Su57.

      Even Turkish dropped the idea of single engine 5th Gen fighter due to its severe performance limitations and complications. Because US is known for its High efficiency and overpowered jet engines still they had issues and limitations during the most expensive F-35 program of history of the World. So a single engine 5th Gen fighter having a decent internal weapons bay and fulfilling the role of true air superiority cum multirole fighter is not a viable option for PAF. Either go for twin engine fighter or just don’t go for 5th Gen. There isn’t any other reliable option.

  • After the induction of JF 17 block III, which is about to happen within few months time, PAF will have air superiority aircraft of 4++ generation with AESA radar and BVR technology. With PL15 and PL 10 on its wings it can kill any Indian aircraft within 300 kms in it’s radius. Where as the best missile Rafael carries is just 100+ kms. It means that JF 17 will definitely kill Rafael well before it will launch it’s missile.

  • Lol what a waste of article to make a case to buy more expensive jets in the times of economic collapse…..Absurd

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