Rawalpindi Police Gives Free Coffee to Driver License Applicants

Rawalpindi Traffic Police has been actively trying to establish a better relationship with the citizens by offering them a paperless driver’s license facility, allowing them to be processed with ease and in minimal time. However, the hospitality of the Rawalpindi Traffic Police doesn’t end there it seems.

In a recent update, Rawalpindi Traffic Police has been making the applicants feel more at home by treating them to a free cup of coffee via their fancy new coffee maker. This act of hospitality is to improve the relationship and enhancing the degree of trust among the general public for the local authorities.

Credits: tribune.com.pk

Punjab Police has been looking to improve their status in the eyes of the general public for quite some time and there have reportedly been a fair few changes in the system. The prime example is the new paperless driver’s license system, which has been a great convenience for the people. Now, the representatives report that there’s no tedious paperwork involved, instead, all you have to do is submit the CNIC and the official license fee.

RPO Dr. Sohail Tajik said in his official statement given to the media that the aim of these latest developments, is to make the application process seamless and to encourage them to get their driver’s licenses, so as to avoid getting caught by the long arm of the law. He added:

All the traditional procedures including nepotism culture have been abolished and now those who want to acquire a driving license can book an appointment before visiting the office.