#ImranKhanPUBG Trends as Game Lovers Demand Justice From PM Imran

Ever since the day PUBG Mobile was banned on 1st July, there have been numerous Twitter trends calling for PTA to unban the game. A case was also filed in the Islamabad High Court in this regard, however, the court dismissed it by directing the internet regulator to explain the lawful reasons behind the decision.

10th July was the last date to send feedback to PTA on its decision to ban the popular battle royale game. The regulator was expected to either extend the ban or remove it, however, PTA said that it will decide the matter in a few days.


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The youngsters are once again working hard to get their voices heard so that they can once again play their favorite game. This time around, #ImranKhanPUBG is trending on Twitter as social media calls on Imran Khan to intervene and allow the e-gaming industry to flourish instead of banning popular games.

Let’s have a look at what people are saying to Imran Khan:

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Feature Writer

  • PTA Chairman is a General from Pakistan Army. Do you think Imran Khan will challenge a General?. If you have balls then try to run a campaign against PTA Chief.

  • He is currently as a opposition leader of India he has no time to solve problems of Pakistan.

  • PUBG must be unbanned. People must be held accountable for their own actions rather than forcing everyone not to access it.

  • Totally absurd decision by the govt to ban pubg. Imran khan is losing support of the youth by doing this.

  • Immi bro plz… U were supposed to be the most sensible of all the previous political leaders we’ve had.

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