Here’s Why We Bought The Dawlance Elegance Inverter AC

The ProPakistani tech team recently reviewed the Dawlance Elegance Inverter AC which was purchased by a team member for his personal office. After thorough market research, we purchased the 1-ton Dawlance Elegance Inverter AC for Rs. 64,000 which was reasonably cheaper compared to other brands.

Considering the price and offerings, the AC had superior specifications and features (explained below) which helped us in making the purchase decision.

Unboxing & Installation of the Unit

We were impressed with the service technicians of Dawlance who came to install the unit. They were well-prepared in following the safety guidelines in these pandemic times; they were wearing gloves, masks, and other protective gear to ensure safety amid the outbreak. Plus, they installed the unit pretty quickly and perfectly.

The inner unit box contained a remote control, the 12 years’ compressor warranty card, cables, rubbers, and other fitting-related stuff in addition to the main inner unit itself. The outer unit box comprised the coated pipes and outer unit itself.

4 Years’ PCB Card Warranty – Longest in Pakistan

Besides all other features (which we will explain ahead), this was the key reason why we opted for Dawlance Elegance Inverter AC as it offered the longest PCB Card warranty.

The PCB card is responsible for converting AC to DC and vice versa, hence is an essential component of any inverter AC. In case of malfunctioning, these cards may cost around Rs. 30,000 which is almost half the price of the split AC unit.

Dawlance is the only brand in Pakistan which is offering such a long warranty for PCB Cards (nearly all others offer a 1-year PCB Card warranty).

It is pertinent to note that in order to activate the warranty period, the buyer has to register the inverter AC by calling at 021-111-11-7359.

Other Exciting Features

The Dawlance Elegance Inverter AC offers numerous other exciting features like power-saving, long-distance air throw, 150-watt low-voltage start-up, typhoon air technology, 100% copper components, and self-cleaning technology.

The hydrophilic anti-corrosion coating and golden fins make sure that your unit performs well for many years to come even in harsh climates.

The iClean button on the remote control of AC allows you to Self- Clean the AC without the hassle of cleaning it physically by yourself or by booking a cleaning service for AC. The self-clean feature is especially important in current times when we have pollution and bad quality air everywhere.

Lastly, the Dawlance Elegance Inverter Series has a bigger indoor unit and an efficient inverter compressor which everybody is looking for this season.

The Final Word

As it comes with more features yet a lower price tag than other brands, we were worried that we might have to compromise somewhere on quality. Fortunately, that never happened.

Both the features and price of the unit are matchless, and the performance has also been above par. The 4 years’ PCB card warranty in addition to the 12 years’ compressor warranty is a major plus for Dawlance as these are two growing concerns for inverter AC users. Many of them have faced PCB card issues which will no longer be a problem at least for 4 years.

We can say that this 4 years’ warranty will serve as an insurance for Dawlance Inverter AC customers as half of the price of AC is covered with the new PCB card warranty which costs around Rs. 30,000.

Based on our firsthand experience, we can confidently recommend the unit to our readers. Check out the range of appliances on the Dawlance official store as you can order online while maintaining the recommended social distance.

  • sorry propakistani, You didn’t help me here. do you mind explaining to your readers, How much discount you got for reviewing this unit? or you may have got this for free as a reward?

  • This is one of the most pathetic brand of electronics in our country, and is doing so service by promoting this fraudster brand. I bought the same AC unit, and it turns I had to pay for refrigerant leak in the indoor unit which cost me 6000 ruppes.

  • i bought a dawlence 1.5 tons inverter ac about 2 years ago and this season the indoor unit coil developed a leakage and up until now have spent around 8000 with gas filling and still not happy with the cooling. PATHETIC EXPERIENCE

  • No one, and not even dawlance, mention what does this 4 year pcb warranty mean? In almost all cases the pcb will damage due to voltage issues. Will dawlance cover that? I think they will always use this voltage issues as an excuse to deny warranty.

  • It’s bed experience to bought elegance inverter only in a year pcb card and cooling coil leackage, in waranty they cover me free replacement, but after this how is it possible to no lekage nd cuircuit prob for longer in future, if again same problem to come, no cover from dawlnce, u pay more. If lekage come 6000 and cuircuit problm to come 12000 to pay. More etc

  • I request to higher authority of Dawlance plz do improve quality of product. Ac price going up 70000 almost when i bougt, but what u given customer? Plz coil lecage waranty extend 5 yrs and pcb waranty 5 yrs. Customer not afford again more money.

  • Dawlance was not good but surprisingly it has become great from this year improved a lot best company now I had bought it’s electric oven and freezer working at their best now buying this inverter .after collaboration with turkey they had improved a lot I had it’s sandwich maker too awesome products

  • Hyundai is most trustable AC with great performance, but all over the known brands, Mitsubishi is No. 1 2nd place has Hyundai and on 3rd stands Gree.

  • For most of you who don’t know that PEL also made inverter AC. I bought when in 2016 still working fine. Good Cooling with no issue…Dawlance is a Fancy Brand name

  • i have dawlance anercon 1.5 ton working isues whatsoever.very nice cooling,happy with it.

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