PM Imran Promises to Clean Sweep Karachi’s Issues After Aamir Liaquat’s Resignation

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Member of National Assembly from NA-245, Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s demand to be allowed to resign from his position.

Earlier today, Aamir Liaquat tweeted that he’s headed to meet Imran Khan to submit his resignation. He made the decision because he was unable to solve the load-shedding problems in Karachi and the monopoly of K-Electric.

Hours later, the religious-scholar cum lawmaker said that his 4-paged letter, including all the issues faced by the people of Karachi, was rejected by the premier.


Aamir Liaquat Resigns as a PTI MNA

Dr. Aamir posted that Imran Khan appreciated his efforts to highlight the plights of the citizens, adding that this is how a politician should be.

“You are an asset for PTI. We need you and you don’t have to resign. We have to make Pakistan a welfare state together”, Imran Khan said to the renowned anchorperson. “I respect your concerns for the people of Karachi and this is also my voice and PTI’s. I am glad that Aamir is a part of PTI”.

The Prime Minister also promised to clean-sweep the problems of Karachi, he told in his series of tweets.

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  • Good decision. Amir Liaquat might be a comical fool but he does have a heart which beats for Karachi. There is no need for Imran Khan to make new enemies.

    • Basically, he meant that 4 pages long resgination was converted into 32 (thirty two) and given back. Lol

  • Karachi waloun ab khair manaao..ab tm logon ka notice leny lgy hain lol

    PS:In ref to previous notices taken

  • “Amir Liaqat is an asset for PTI” – Imm the Dim
    Time for Tiger force to Paint Amir Liaqat a saint

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