This Jingle On Lockdown Will Get You Hooked

As it turns out, staying at home is not making people any happier. The work from home culture, which used to be a perk of only dream jobs just months ago, has now become something professionals are struggling with. With kids running around, home chores happening at full throttle, and internet acting up more often, working from home is already making people nostalgic about the good old office.

With the new dynamics fading the line between workplace, school and the household, things continue to be intermingled. And, as always, product brands that are the closest to our hearts are hitting the right chords when addressing this new normal and building a fresh narrative that has virus lockdowns and its comic side effects at its core.

One such branding approach is adopted by Lemon Max, a household name when it comes to kitchen hygiene. From leveraging the current lockdown scenario to highlighting the challenges most of us are faced with while staying at home, the new Lemon Max campaign captures exactly what all of us feel, but in a fun and lighthearted way. And the brand achieves this through a multi-episode web series and a catchy jingle that you might hear yourself singing along in a while.

The campaign, called #LockdownKeSideEffects, is humorous yet insightful. Plus, the jingle’s lyrics give you a fun-filled comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in your home staying hardships while its music makes you smile and sing along it on a tough workday. You too can spare some moments to take a listen to the jingle here and have a short breather from that task you’ve been working on.

Lemon Max is not new to creativity. The brand knows that life can be challenging at times and the problems making it tough may have nothing laugh-worthy about them. But doesn’t responding to a problem in a dull manner make you even bluer? Well, Lemon Max understands this and so it has come up with the new jingle and web series that you will spend some fun time with to diminish the lockdown’s side-effects.

After all, the brand has also been addressing other sensitive issues such as gender stereotypes – which is a matter of serious concern in Pakistan – in a very lighthearted and fun way. Similarly, #LockdownKeSideEffects hits its target audience with the same tried and tested approach to have a deeper impact on their lives and connect better with them in these hard times.