Tickets For Virgin Atlantic Flights to the UK on Sale Now

Virgin Atlantic has announced that flights from Pakistan to London and Manchester will begin from December 2020, however, the bookings have already started. The cost of a return ticket is set at Rs. 103,600 for Economy, Rs. 154,500 for Premium, and Rs. 353,100 for Upper Class.


Virgin Atlantic Airways Reveals Schedule of Flights to Pakistan

Virgin Atlantic will be operating three routes, Islamabad and Lahore to Heathrow Airport in London, as well as Islamabad to Manchester. Four weekly flights will be operated from Islamabad to Manchester starting December 11. Similarly, four flights per week will be operated from Lahore to London.

Commercial Manager of Virgin Atlantic, Alex Mcewan, commented on the development, saying:

We are excited to open bookings for our first-ever flights to Pakistan. We will provide one of the best inflight services to the passengers travelling from Islamabad and Lahore to the British destinations.


British Airways To Start Flights from London to Lahore

The new flights will approximately add 290,000 new seats for passengers to fly between Pakistan and the UK annually. The service will also facilitate Pakistani passengers flying to other parts of the world. The consumers traveling to New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco via London Heathrow will be able to enjoy Virgin Atlantic’s excellent onboard experience.

  • Simple Calculation
    From Pakistan Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9
    Seating Capacity 258
    For Economy Seating 192 X 103,600 = 19.89 Million Cost
    For Business Class Seating 31 X 154,500 = 4.79 Million Cost
    For Upper Class Seating 35 X 353,100 = 12.36 Million Cost
    Total Fare Income (One Side) 37.04 Milion Ruppes
    Fuel Cost (LAHORE/HEATHROW) 5,600 KG/Hours X 12 Hours Duration Flight = 6.72 Million
    After Fuel Cost Less 6.72 – 37.04 = 30.32 Million Already In Profit / Income Value From Pakistan

    NICE Appreciated.

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