FIA Begins Inquiry in the PSL Irregularities Case

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has narrowed down its investigation in alleged irregularities in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the hiring of staff at exorbitant salaries for the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

In a notice to the cricket board issued on Wednesday, the FIA’s Anti-Corruption Cell sought the record of the employees hired for PSL and the details for the broadcasting deal.

Last week, a PCB official had appeared before the FIA team and asked for more time to submit a detailed response. Senior board officials, including the CEO, Wasim Khan, are also expected to be summoned later this week.


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The PCB is expected to send the details of the hiring, including other records in the ongoing week. The federal agency will scrutinize the record, and if irregularities are detected, a formal investigation will be launched.

In its response to the FIA’s previous notice, the board had clarified that it is an independent entity and does not run on any government or public funding.

Firstly, the PCB generates its own revenues and receives no grants, funds or money from either the Federal or Provincial Governments, the Consolidated Funds or the Government or Public Exchequer.


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The board said that the funds received from ICC, generated through PSL, or other sources are ‘reinvested in the development of cricket in the country.’ Therefore, there is no misappropriation of government funds in PSL, as alleged.

Moreover, the PCB officials have also been summoned by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Sports on Thursday. The committee will question the board officials on its expenditures and salaries for the past three years.

The PCB is accused of misusing government funds in Pakistan Super League. It is also alleged of awarding broadcasting rights to a foreign company at lower rates. Moreover, an inquiry of illegal recruitment and non-audit of PSL One and Two are also in place. The board has denied all allegations.