Afridi Gets Schooled for Getting his Facial Done From a Woman

Even after retiring from international cricket, Shahid Afridi is always in the spotlight. Be it his on-field antics or his questionable views on women cricket, Lala has a knack of landing himself in hot waters.

In a recent controversy, pictures of Afridi getting a facial from a woman surfaced on the internet. Back in his playing days though, Afridi refused to shake a woman’s hand after being presented an award for his performance in a match.

Pakistanis on the internet have called out Afridi on his hypocrisy. Here is the picture:

And here is a picture of Afridi refusing to shake a woman’s hand who was a guest at the presentation ceremony:

And fans are not having it.

Shahid Afridi has recently been in the limelight for other news as well. He recently offered to mentor Saudi cricketers, after Saudi officials requested Pakistan to help promote the game in the Kingdom.


Shahid Afridi Offers to Coach Saudi Cricketers

Recently, Lala also pointed fingers at Misbah-ul-Haq for being the reason for Pakistan’s loss to India in World Cup 2011 semi-final. Although he later clarified that the statement was reported out of context, he made the headlines for his remarks.

  • He is a Pukhtoon. He dont need any facials. Our race is the light colored and almost all top actresses, models of Pakistani dramas are Pathan because of natural fair complexion. Facial is actually needed for the natives of Punjab and internal Sindh.
    Pukhtoon Race Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad

    • Hahahaha… you mean to say Afridi is not a Pathan…!!

      Hahhahahaha… Could have expected such comments from a PTI Fan.. Hahahaha

    • Do you even know what a facial is?
      BTW All Pashtoona may not need to whiten the skin but they do need to bleach their teeth with all the greenery present in them..courtesy of Nuswar Dhas Dhas Goli…

      Also, IK asked me to tell you that you are off PTI and NS said you are out of PMLN too…PPP has yet to confirm your membership…

    • Facial doesnt mean bleaching your skin it can involve tons of things like hydrating ones for example. Please dont bring caste into the argument ut isnt relevant here

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  • Aray what wrong if he denied in past and now experienced facial through a lady. Uski marzi hai itna problem kia hai k caste ko bhi include kia jarha hai saray scne mai..

  • Karachi people need facials and bleaching. I always wondered how India would be and one visit to Karachi, i got the idea how it would be.

  • Look guys it’s very simple I am a girl I don’t shake hand with men but in my locality there is only one good professional and experienced dentist, and he is a male so he touches my face to look into my mouth or change my braces. may be for the campaign or ad makeup or whatever he is doing there was only this female beautician available 😶🙄🤷🏻‍♀️
    Like there are many female hijabi doctors who don’t shake hand with men yet they touch them for their treatment e.g. check their pulse 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Getting the entire pathan cast into this matter is just irony and ignorance 🙄🙄
    So relax guys putting a label of a hypocrite on somebody is tooo much please don’t cross the limits ALLAH has set for us and don’t judge people

  • Really Messed up , Seriously Bhai Uski Merzi Woh Kis Se Haat Milaye Awam Harbat mein Masla Hota Hai Had Hoti Hai Yaar , Eşra Bilgiç jo Erturgul mein Halima Hai Uskey Post Pe Ja Kar Awam Ye Comment Karti Hai Ke Aisey Kaprey Kun Pheney Hai , Halima Ko Loa, KHUDA KE WAASTE YE JO Kera Hai Apney ANDAR SE KHATAM KARO BEJAYE DOSRO KA KIRA NIKALO APNI HALAT TOU DEHKLIYA KARO , INSAAN BANJO JAHALAT MAT DEHKAO AJEEB ..

  • First shaking hands with a woman promotes shaking hands with the other gender. Refusing to allow a woman to do her job in a salon is something else again. Twitterati are being a bit unreasonable here.
    2nd i must comment on the fellow who has taken this space to laud the pakhtun race for being fair. Calls himself khan so presumably a muslim. Allah has created all complexions. None is better or worse than others. Also race is a false god just like caste colur and nationality. Islam does not recognize pakhtun rCe or punjabi or turk or any other. Please fix your qibla my friend.

  • I read the Post and i was wondering, why are we so judgmental.
    I read the comments and i realized i wasted my time.

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