PIA’s Roosevelt Hotel in New York is “Haunted By Ghosts”

A room in the Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) owned iconic Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York, is inhabited by spirits, a guest who had stayed at the hotel has revealed.

According to a review posted on Tripadvisor, a user named Shaye had booked a room for two in the Roosevelt Hotel last year in March which from what both of them experienced turned out to be haunted.


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Here is what Shaye has narrated:

I and my friend stayed there. As soon as we arrived, we felt this weird feeling in the room but we decided to ignore it. Then I went into the shower and saw the curtain move! But I thought I was being paranoid. As I got out of the shower my friend said to me “I feel like there’s a ghost in this room” and I said, “it’s so weird you say that because I swear the shower curtain just moved.”

This experience had scared both guests, prompting them to search for a different hotel.

We obviously started panicking and went back and forth about changing hotels but because we were only there for 2 days we opted to stay. However – during those few days we felt so uncomfortable! Neither of us would stay in the room alone.

After checking out, both guests researched about the paranormal activities in the Roosevelt hotel on the internet. To their surprise, their fears were also confirmed.

We wanted to research the hotel but decided to do it once we left as we didn’t want to scare ourselves further! So once we left we found all these articles and YouTube videos about the place being haunted!!! So what we experienced was real. Absolutely mind-blowing. The place is well and truly haunted.

In response to this review, a Guest Relations Representative at the Roosevelt Hotel said:

Thank you for sharing your feedback. Hmm, we can’t say we’ve heard comments about the hotel being haunted before. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (no relation to us) has some stories about it being haunted, but we can confidently say we haven’t received any ghost sightings. We hope on a future trip to NYC, you’ll consider giving us another opportunity to host you.


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It is worth mentioning here that a number of guests have shared their stories of experiencing paranormal activities while staying in a particular room at the Roosevelt Hotel, 1408.

It might be due to the placebo effect generated from a 2007 American psychological horror film, based on Stephen King’s 1999 short story, titled “1408.”

John Cusack played Mike Enslin, an author who investigates allegedly haunted places.

During the film, Mike Enslin rents room number 1408 at a New York City hotel where he gets trapped and experiences bizarre paranormal events.

Incidentally, these scenes were shot in room number 1408 of the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York.

Therefore, the placebo effects resulting from the film 1408 cannot be ruled out.

Nonetheless, the PIA-owned Roosevelt Hotel is closing its door from October 31 due to volatile economic conditions.

In an official statement, the management of the Roosevelt Hotel said:

Due to the current economic impacts, after almost 100 years of welcoming guests to The Grand Dame of New York, The Roosevelt Hotel is regretfully closing its doors permanently as of Oct 31, 2020.

  • A new campaign is launched by cronies in the government so that government can easily sell this asset during this crisis. The so called thieves never touched the assets of Pakistan, but this Haaji government wants to sell everything that belongs to Pakistan?.

      • Would you like to explain your comment? The hotel is owned by PIA which in turn is owned by Pakistan. So whats with the taunt?

  • It should be sold. It has been in loss for a long time now. But this story shared by the two guests might be aiming at lowering the value of the hotel.

    • The Roosevelt Hotel’s building should be leased for 10 years so PIA don’t have to spent money maintaining it while keeping its ownership.

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