Introducing – Pakistan’s First Digital Complaint Portal for the Private Sector

To improve the overall customer experience throughout Pakistan, an online complaint platform called has been launched. The objective of the portal is to improve customer care in Pakistan by bridging communication between the users and private sector companies specifically for complaint resolutions. provides Pakistani consumers with a meaningful platform where specific complaints can be received and registered against companies and whereby companies are given an opportunity to overturn these complaints into happy customers by redressing the underlying issues.


Anyone in Pakistan can sign up for this system and post a complaint against a private company operating locally. Each complaint posted is moderated by the Gillaa team and once approved it is automatically forwarded to the relevant company for them to take action and also published online at the Gillaa website for future potential customers to do a reference check on the customer experience of specific companies.

The founder of, Harun Khan, said “I believe that focusing on the consumer experience is even more important than factors like price or quality and with the introduction of this can really help both users and companies in achieving a better consumer experience. Complaints are healthy and should be encouraged as this helps identify gaps for companies and if users believe that their complaints are actually being heard and resolved, they will have more trust in the system.

The system has some unique functions like a smart algorithm that’s based on how quickly a company responds and generates a brand scorecard, which would encourage companies to reply to queries in a more prompt manner.

The system is a refreshing addition to the local tech scene with a great objective of improving customer care and also encouraging companies to cater to complaints in a more efficient manner to improve their own brand scorecard and customer perception.

The system is absolutely free to sign up to and very easy to use so users who wish to lodge a complaint against any private entity in Pakistan can do it via their website as here. Once a user posts a complaint, they can see updates via their own dashboard on whether the company has accepted, resolved, or replied to their complaint.

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