Education Minister Weighs In On Possibility Of Schools Reopening From Jan 11

Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood, has added to the uncertainty looming around the reopening of educational institutes from January 11, 2021.

Speaking in a TV show on Friday, Mahmood said that the opening of schools on the given date is unlikely due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

While admitting that the schools’ closure has impacted students’ education, Mahmood maintained that they cannot risk children’s lives for the sake of education.

There is no denial to the fact that the education suffered a lot due to the COVID-19 lockdown, however, we managed to continue the education process through online classes.


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He said that the new mutation of COVID-19 has entered Pakistan, and the situation is being closely monitored. Any decision on the resumption of on-campus classes will be made with the input of the Ministry of Health.

A meeting of inter-provincial education ministers has been convened on January 4 to review the situation, in which the officials of the health ministry will share their input. A decision on whether or not to reopen schools will be taken according to their advice.


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The minister also vowed to implement the national uniform curriculum from 2021 to enforce a single curriculum in all public, private schools and madrasahs.

Note that the educational institutes across the country were closed on November 26 due to the second outbreak. As per the federal government’s announcement, the schools will remain closed until January 10. The reopening of schools afterward will depend upon improvement in the COVID-19 situation.

  • For God sake do not destroy the future of Nations sons.Open schools and colleges. The leading countries of the world have not closed schools due to covid.Do not impose your idiotic policies on the nation for political purposes.Also think about the teachers of private sector whom you have put out of job

    • O bhai jan, hosh karo thori, agar ham sakoon se ghar per bethe ha tu kia masla ha? Aur ye jo countries ki misaal de rahe ho to ye batao ke koi konwe me chalang lgay ga to tum bhi saath hi chalag lga do ge kya? mujhay to lagta ha tum bhi koi private school teacher ho jise bas apni tankhuwah ki fikr ha. Bachay nai rahe ge to education khaak ko do ge kiya tum?

    • Jin countries ap examples de rahe hei wo developed hei…hamara mulk developing countries hei facilities nhi hei yaha per…in two months mein ye bachy konsy aalim banjaengy…..sewayee es k marjaengy

  • Abey bc itna skoon sa ghr mein betha hein allah na karay dubara school kholay. Ab hum education ki waja sa mar jaein kia? Jab hum he mar jaein gy to education a k kia hmara phopi ka beta ly ga?

  • for God sake dont open the schools … is not important than students health…if u will open the schools students will be effefted alongvwith their parents n teachers….soo keep patience uptill march plzzz…bcz the new mutation of covid_19 has entered in pakistan….so we req u we want our children alive plzz

  • How about you impose stronger SOPs? Instead of jeopardizing people’s health and education, make precautions stricter. Why not find ways to make sure that students, staff members and teachers are following these more strict SOPs? Online school is taking away from proper learning

  • Please open the School kya corona sirf school ma hi jata ha Baki places ma to nai jata agr lockdown krna ha to complete kro or agr nai Krna to hamare School khol do hame prhna ha

    • School k ek room mein 40 bachy hoty hei….bazar mein 40 ek jaga jama nhi hoty….or schools or universities k teachers dhor dhor k hoty hei travelling kerty hei…khana bahar ka Khaty hei plx es tarah ki batein na kary….bachy innocent hoty hei wo sops ku follow nhi ker sakty

  • School should not open at all as new Covid strain has been identified.
    Life and health of children is more important than education.
    Educational gap can be overcome, life can not be reversed.

  • Please don’t open schools /colleges because life is more precious than education

  • Schools should not be opened.As being a microbiologist i would like to say that this new covid strain is too much toxic for all us.specially for childrens.

  • O bhai pagal wagal to nai ho gaye huwy.. Manaa ky hmein nai hua filhal.. To kya ab hamary school bags me dalwa ky deina ka irada.. Koi nai kholny aram se kambalo me betho heater ky samney.. Bsdk!

  • I m requesting 2 education minister our kids heath is more important than education .don’t open the the schools on the risk of health plz .our kids can get education again when we will get rid of this fatal virus teacher b sympathise about our kids health than ur jobs . Our kids teacher who was teaching in LGS died last week with covid 19 ..she urged us a lot 2 se d kids in her academy .she was of the view there is no covid 19 as well as dangerous for our health …..

    ….Then covid 19 told her how savage it was and she died .so plz don’t b selfish …………………….

  • Koi Bankers ko b Leaves day do hum b to insan hen idr hi to public zyada ati h..subah 9 se sham 8 bje ghr ate hn…Government should take action about Bankers.

    • You working in banks are much safe as you wear masks and sanitise frquently and no customer is allowed to enter without wearing mask and guard at entrance gate shoot at hands with sanitiser and checks the temperature and social distancing is maintained strictly inside bank so no risk at all.If you persist even then for vacations then you must be among those lazy fellows who keep the work pending during month of Ramazan with an excuse of having Fast which Islam strictly condemns.

  • Nhi kya ap chahty ho ky Corona ho jaye humein…Khud tu aram sy ghr behthy ho humari zindagi kharab krni ha bss ajeebbbbb

  • Kia covid 19 sirf r sirf schools Mai r colleges Mai ha jahan or bachy fully secure hoty hain markets r shopping mall ya pdm k jalsy Mai ni hoty private teacher ka Kia qasoor ha Jo in ko rula rye hain ap tell me???

  • Jb govt mukamal lockdown krti tb b awam ko hi aitraz hota.jb sirf school colleges close hotay tb b swam ko aitraz

  • Its very unfortunate that we cannot elect those people who can lead rather we elect these clowns who have been imposed on us. This govt decisions are all make shift and there is no systemic apch to the problem. They convene conferences and whatever brain waves they have they implement them. These buffoons must see the ground realities of Pakistan rather just copying western countries.

    • Malik SB dont politicise this universal pandemic which is a reality and don’t try to make it a Patvari or Tiger brawl it must be curtailed only by following SOPs advised by WHO and present govt of Imran Khan has been globally admired for it’s wise step taken as Smart Lock Down for combatting this pandemic and Pakistan still is at much safer side as compared to developed countries like USA and England where in routine death toll is in hundreds and its pertinent to mention here that Britian is paying the price of harbouring a CV(Corruption Virus)from Pakistan in London that Allah’s Wrath has tolled upon them in the form of a new varion of the CV(Corona Virus) so if they want to make them safe they must extradite that PK Money Launderer Nawaz (PMLN).

  • Govt has taken right step because lives of students and their teachers as well are more important as life is more precious and parents couldn’t afford education at the risk of their children.In USA England and major European countries schools colleges and universities are closed due to this menace and whoever says it’s not so he is a ZOMBIE.

  • Shafqat bhai school colleges or uni ko bnd rehnydo Allah ka shukar h online m bhi sare kami teachers puri krahy hain … r hum parh rahy hain mery 9 dsto ko corona hugya hain jo uni mai mery sath hain .. agr wo or students sy milty tu r mazid phel jata mery taya ka inteqal bhi corona sy hugya .. mera khud ka kam corona ki wajh sy rukawa h kamai nahi hurahi or meri shadi bhi nhi hurahi mujay tu nuqsan hi nuqsan h per bhae apko Allah ka wasta h universities mt khulain anay janay ka rox ka petrol lagta h .. hum kamyab hukay dekhaingayna apko tension not shafqat bhai rehem ….

  • Please don’t open schools,colleges and universities because bachy hon gy to education hogi na.agar bachy he ni hon gy to education ka achar Dalna hai.khuda na kry agar bachon ko kuch ho jay to Iska responsible kon hoga.

  • See, May Allah protect us all but education isnt imp than our lives even Allah said tht nothing is more imp than your lives . Shafqat Mahmood if by any chance your reading this . You are just looking at the childrens Education , you should see how the covid 19 has constantly spreading in Pakistan and its not a good time at all to open schools . Its a Request bec Shafqat bhai . I know that you are thinking good , but you should know how bad the conditions may get if u reopen the school . May Allah protect All of us and keep us safe , Happy and blessed . Love you All for the sake of Allah .

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