CAA Puts PIA on Full Blast For Poor Performance

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has reportedly lambasted Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for its “irresponsible attitude and maladministration”.

According to sources, the CAA expressed displeasure with PIA for being ignorant of international leasing laws and becoming a source of international embarrassment for the country.

When PIA knew that the Boeing-777 was involved in a court dispute, why did it allow the aircraft abroad? Was the PIA unaware that it was violating international laws?


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On the other hand, the Federal Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, said that the PIA aircraft had been impounded by the Malaysian authorities as the airline had failed to pay its lease due to the pandemic.

He added that a Malaysian court had issued an order without listening to any arguments by PIA’s representatives.


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The minister also disclosed that PIA’s officials will appear before a court in London on 22 January and before a Malaysian court on 24 January and that the national carrier would have to “accept the decision of the courts”.

Note that the national flag carrier had acquired the plane on an expensive lease during the tenure of the PML-N.

  • That’s what happens when career commercial aviation professionals are superseded by career armed forces personnel having no familiarity or professional growth/experience in commercial aviation.

    They should now try to get some retired/serving Air Marshal or General appointed to head the leasing company with heavy perks in servitude of the nation to resolve this issue.

    • Exactly!!! Retired Air Marshals and Commodores are positioned at high ranks in the aviation industry rather than genuine commercial aviation professionals. This was just bound to happen one day.

  • ما شاء اللہ
    چوراور نالائق بوٹوں والے دوسروں کو ڈانٹ رہے ہیں نا اہلی اور ناقص کارکردگی پر۔
    منسٹر کی اپنی ڈگری جعلی ہے۔
    ناچ نہ جانے آنگن ٹیڑھا۔

  • Why is it that no one is naming the man who is directly responsible for it. It is solely AM Arshad Malik who is ruling PIA for the past two years or so. His word of mouth becomes the indisputable law here and he even dictates the regulatory body PCAA. But he should have known better that his mini aviation martial law is confined to Pakistan only.

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