Islamabad United Rope in Rumman Raees as Bowling Consultant

Islamabad United, the most successful franchise in PSL history and the winner of the first and third edition of the tournament, has announced today that Rumman Raees will be the bowling consultant for the franchise in PSL 2021. Rumman has previously played for Islamabad United in each of the past five PSL seasons.

The Pakistan international who played over thirty matches for Islamabad United, including two as captain in PSL 3, will serve under Johan Botha in this role. Injuries meant that Rumman would miss out on the 2020/21 domestic season as well as PSL 2021.


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Regarding his appointment, Botha said, “After conducting interviews with some really high-quality candidates, we have reached a conclusion to bring in Rumman Raees as our bowling consultant for PSL 6. Rumman is part of the Islamabad United family from the start, I have worked with him in PSL 2 and he is one of the most intelligent T20 bowlers that I encountered in my years of playing T20 cricket around the world.”

“At Islamabad United, we want to have a progressive approach that caters to modern-day T20 cricket and Rumman is perfect for our ideology. He is playing cricket currently, understands the needs of modern-day cricket, and can relate to our young bowling line-up. We are very happy to have him in the setup.”

Ali Naqvi, the owner of Islamabad United said, “Rumman has been part of the ISLU family for five years and we were obviously disappointed at his injury issues. When Johan came to us with this idea we were a little surprised by it. But after mulling it over, and with the insistence from the head coach we realized that this is precisely the sort of out-of-the-box thinking that we take pride in as a franchise. He provides the progressive understanding of T20 cricket that we are looking for, and we are confident that he will do his utmost in achieving our shared goals.”


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Rumman himself said regarding his appointment, “It’s an honor for me that Johan and Islamabad United selected me for this role. I’d also like to thank Ali Naqvi for this opportunity. ISLU have always backed me over the last five years, through my good times and my bad times, and I want to give back to them as they have given to me. I’ll do my utmost to make sure I can impart whatever knowledge I have with all the boys.”

When Johan asked me for an interview, I was surprised by it, but after having discussions with him over the past month I think we will be able to make plans for our bowlers to maximize what we have. I will fully back all the guys on the field and make sure that I can share my experience of T20 cricket with them.”