45 Countries to Join Pakistan’s Maritime Exercise AMAN-21

Pakistan Navy has released the brief of the multinational Naval Exercise, AMAN-21, conducted at Pakistan Navy Fleet Headquarters, Karachi, to the media.


The exercise AMAN, with the slogan ‘Together for Peace,’ is being conducted biennially to project a soft image of Pakistan. It contributes towards regional peace and stability, resolves against terrorism in the maritime domain, collaboration to maintain a safe and sustainable maritime realm, and enhances interoperability between regional and extra-regional navies.

Pakistan has remained steadfast in fighting the forces of terror with countless sacrifices and losses. The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has added yet another dimension to the already complex security backdrop. However, the timely and correct decisions of our leadership have kept us stable.


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During the brief, Commander Pakistan Fleet Rear Admiral, Naveed Ashraf, said that Pakistan has remained a responsible state and shall continue to play its role amid diversified challenges. Like any maritime nation, Pakistan has substantial stakes in the maritime domain.

Our interest in safer and crime-free seas is rooted in three conspicuous realities: Firstly, our extraordinary dependence on the seas for trade; secondly, operationalization of the CPEC project; and lastly, our strategic location astride the global energy highway. Cumulatively, these realities make maritime stability an important agenda of our national security.


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He said Pakistan Navy truly believes in the centuries-old dictum that ‘Sea unites while Land divides’, Pakistan considers that maritime security is not just important for itself but for all other countries whose prosperity and progress are strongly bonded with the seas.

Commander Pakistan Fleet stressed that no country could single-handedly tackle the diverse threats that exist or the new ones that emanate daily. Thus Collaborative Maritime Security has become the Scarlet Thread to ensure peace and stability in the region.

He also highlighted that Pakistan Navy is a firm believer in the concept of having Collaborative Maritime Security and therefore has been actively participating in Maritime and Counter-Piracy Operations along with other partner navies since 2004.

Since 2018, Pakistan Navy is undertaking Regional Maritime Security Patrols, in which our ships maintain a nearly permanent presence in vital sea areas in the Indian Ocean Region to contribute towards maintaining good order at sea.

Exercise AMAN provides enormous opportunities to the participants for contriving the contours of such a collective response. In this regard, Exercise AMAN-21 is an effort to foster regional camaraderie, boost interoperability and exhibit a ‘united resolve against multifaceted threats.


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The 7th edition of the exercise, AMAN, is currently being conducted in February, in which around 45 countries are participating with surface and air assets, Special Operation Forces/ Marine teams, and observers/ senior officers. The exercise has two major phases: harbor and sea phase. Harbor activities would include seminars, discussions, demonstrations, and international get-togethers.


The sea phase would have tactical maneuvers on anti-piracy, counterterrorism, gunnery firing, and search and rescue. The hallmark of the sea phase and exercise, AMAN – 21, would be International Fleet Review, witnessed by national and foreign dignitaries.

Admiral Naveed Ashraf also emphasized that Exercise AMAN-21 will provide a common forum for information sharing, mutual understanding, and identifying the areas of common interests for all participating navies to achieve the mutual goal of maintaining stability, peace, and prosperity. He added that the exercise is a reflection that nations can play a constructive role in building new ties, establishing innovative relationships, and strengthening existing ones.

The Admiral also underlined that the exercise, AMAN, is about bridging gaps and making it possible to operate together in the pursuance of common objectives, and effective media coverage will project the real essence of exercise at par with its theme ‘Together for Peace’ and Pakistan Navy’s contribution towards promoting peace at sea.



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