Punjab to Eliminate Multiple Land Ownership Departments

Punjab will eliminate the role of multiple departments involved in the process of land ownership registration and will bring it under one umbrella for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

There are almost ten departments responsible for land ownership and revenue records, and the provincial government is working to streamline a system to issue certificates of land ownership through only one department.

The Punjab Revenue Department (PRD) has collaborated with the World Bank to introduce a digitized system to issue ownership certificates to landowners.


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A Punjab Land Bank has been established in addition to the collection of the records of all the government-owned lands across the province for the implementation of the new system.

The project will be initiated in Lahore and followed in Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, and Rawalpindi later on.

The federal government has established an asset management company, and the data of the land from all the provinces will be sent to the federal authorities.


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The government of Punjab has initiated the process to send the records of government-owned land to the federal government.

However, the PRD is still in the process of digitizing the village records and needs to bring the private and cooperative societies under the system.

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