Govt to Launch New Policy for Promotion of Sports in Pakistan

The Federal government is set to announce a comprehensive National Sports Policy, Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination and Sports, Dr. Fehmida Mirza, has revealed.

Speaking to the media in Peshawar, Dr. Fahmida Mirza said the National Sports Policy envisions the promotion of sports all over the country and effective resolution of all the issues faced by athletes in the country.

The National Sports Policy has been devised after taking input from all sporting federations to provide equal opportunities to the athletes in all federating units including GB and AJK.

She lamented that successive previous regimes failed to introduce a structure for the governance of sports in the country, adding that the incumbent federal government is working to introduce the first sports policy at the national level since 2005.

Lauding the inaugural KP National Hockey League 2021, the Minister said that such events at the provincial level allow young players to play alongside senior players and learn from their experience.

Dr. Fahmida Mirza also visited and inspected the development work at Hayatabad Sports Complex, PSB Coaching Centre, and other sporting facilities in the provincial capital.