New Viral WhatsApp Message Can Hack Your Bank Account

The latest WhatsApp scam called can be used to rob users of confidential personal and bank details.

Reports claim that fraudsters are using WhatsApp to scam users into revealing their private information including bank and card details.

The spam link has also been noted to infect Windows PCs, as well as iOS and Android devices.

News18 reported the scam stating that a malicious link is sent to WhatsApp users to infect their systems. CNBC hinted that a large group of people has been affected by the scam, lured in by the promise of expensive gifts.

How The Scam Works

When the user clicks on the link, a new page is opened where they are told to fill in a survey with the promise of a reward. After completion, the user is redirected to a website that asks them to enter information such as their name, age, address, bank information, and other personal details.

Once the details have been shared with the scammers, they can then be used to make fraudulent transactions or for other illegal purposes. The provided information can also be misused to install potentially harmful and unwanted applications into the user’s device.

Any message with a link should, therefore, be reported as spam and deleted.

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