Apple Has Removed this Basic Feature From iPhone 13

Apple Support recently confirmed that the iPhone 13 series lacks an important feature that has been a part of the iPhone family for more than a decade.

The latest report by 9to5Mac states that the call noise cancellation feature that reduced ambient noises during a phone call when the receiver is held to the ear is no longer supported by the iPhone 13 series.

9to5Mac had previously reported a rising number of complaints from iPhone 13 users regarding the lack of a noise-cancellation feature via the Accessibility settings. Many thought of the absence of the feature as a simple bug. However, Apple has intentionally disabled it for unspecified reasons.

On an inquiry by a user, Apple Support stated, “Phone Noise Cancellation is not available on iPhone 13 models, which is why you do not see this option in Settings … It is not supported.”

Further explanation regarding the removal of the feature has not been given. The absence of call noise cancellation means that all phone calls will remain without noise cancellation unless additional hardware devices such as headphones with built-in noise cancellation are used.

It is unclear why Apple is not offering the noise cancellation feature even though the smartphones have a multi-mic system. It should be noted that a majority of phones these days come with call noise cancellation in some capacity, so it’s odd to see Apple remove it from its latest iPhones.