Atlas Honda’s First Price Hike of 2022 On the Cards

Atlas Honda is gearing up for the first price hike of 2022, taking the lead in the series of quarterly hikes from all manufacturers.

According to a recent update, the prices have been increased by up to Rs. 8,000, making this price hike the largest one in the past few quarters.

The new prices of all Honda bikes will be:

Motorbike Old Price (Rs.) Revised Price (Rs.) Price Increase (Rs.)
CD 70 94,900 97,900 3,000
CD  70 Dream 101,500 104,500 3,000
Honda Pridor 130,500 133,500 3,000
CG 125 152,500 156,900 4,400
CG 125 SE 182,000 188,000 6,000
CB 125 F 218,500 223,500 5,000
CB 150 F (Red, Black) 273,500 281,500 8,000
CB 150 F (Silver) 277,500 285,500 8,000

After the recent hike, the price of the Honda CD-70 — which is the most basic transportation machine — has gotten dangerously close to Rs. 100,000 mark, which serves as an eye-opening realization.

Unfortunately, even with another price hike and no improvements to the product quality or lineup, Atlas Honda will continue to reign supreme in the motorcycle market of Pakistan.

Despite the technically sound and enthusiastic buyers resorting to other products, the number of such buyers in Pakistan is insignificant, compared to those who want basic A-to-B transportation.

To such buyers, Atlas Honda will remain the prime candidate, meaning that the company will continue to cash in on its successful formula of making and selling barebones motorcycles.

Published by
Waleed Shah