Hyundai to Discontinue 8th Generation Sonata Soon

With a plan to discontinue the 8th generation Sonata soon, Hyundai is now seeking to launch the 9th generation or DN9 Sonata in 2023. The 8th generation Sonata was launched in 2019 and received great praise around the world due to its contemporary looks, features as well as promising performance.

Initially, Hyundai had planned to give the 8th generation model a mid-cycle facelift, but those plans were scrapped in early 2021 on account of low sales in North America and South Korea. Furthermore, with car buyers shifting their focus toward crossover SUVs, the demand for big and expensive D-Segment sedans is slowly fading.

The latest reports suggest that Hyundai plans to continue the Sonata nameplate, but with a complete cosmetic makeover. The DN9 Sonata will be revealed in 2023, sporting a new look.

Pakistani Market

Contrary to the international market trend, the 8th generation Sonata has been well-received in Pakistan. It has been the top-selling D-Segment sedan in Pakistan ever since its debut, which is due to it being the cheapest and the only locally assembled midsize executive sedan in Pakistan.

However, with the 8th generation Sonata retiring soon across the globe, its fate in the local market also seems uncertain.