Pakistan Police Now Has Digitized Records of 1.8 Million Criminals

More than 800,000 First Information Reports (FIRs) have been registered in Pakistan under the Digital Pakistan Crime Analytics and Smart Policing System that was initiated by the Ministry of IT and Telecom (MoITT) and the Punjab IT Board (PITB).

According to MoITT officials, the Crime Analytics and Smart Policing System are operational in 184 police stations nationwide, and the data of 1.8 million criminals have been digitized so far. This includes the thumb impressions of criminals besides other details. The project was approved by the DDWP in December 2019 and it has a total of Rs. 274.36 million.

The Crime Analytics and Smart Policing System’s pilot project s underway in Islamabad, all the provincial capitals, Muzaffarabad, and Gilgit. Hardware and software have been provided to 184 police stations of these cities, and the PITB has trained their police staff.

The PITB’s technical teams contacted the IG offices of all the provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and demonstrated the workings of the newly developed software ‘Crime Analytics and Smart Policing in Pakistan (CAASPP). The IG offices in these regions then arranged training for police station staff.


According to the PITB, the criminal records in this digital system will help reduce crimes as all the police stations that have this software are interlinked. Also, criminals will not be able to carry out their activities while hiding their identities.

A unified FIR system for all of Pakistan will be completed by next year, for which an amount of Rs. 165.64 million of Rs. 274.36 million will be utilized by July this year, and Rs. 120 million funds have been proposed for the next financial year.