Professor Atta ur Rehman to Head PM’s Advisory Council on Scholarships

Prof. Dr. Atta ur Rahman, who leads Prime Minister’s Task Force on Science and Technology, has been named as the head of the PM’s advisory council on scholarships.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training notified the appointment on Sunday. Dr. Atta ur Rahman will oversee the distribution of educational scholarships totaling more than Rs. 5 billion.

The notification requested the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to provide secretarial assistance to the advisory council.

“In this connection, the HEC is requested to provide the secretarial assistance to the advisory council as the majority of scholarship portfolio is dealt by the HEC,” it added.

While interacting with the nation in a live telethon program “Aap Ka Wazir-e-Azam, Aap Kay Saath” in January this year, PM Imran Khan had announced that his administration was going to roll out 6 million scholarships worth Rs. 47 billion to help students from lower-income families.

“The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) administration has set aside Rs. 47 billion for 6 million merit-based educational scholarships,” he had said.

The government later launched a web portal to address the grievances about educational scholarships.

The facility, which is linked to the Prime Minister Citizen Portal, will allow scholarship recipients to file their concerns about challenges they are facing.