Why is PML-N Led Govt Destroying PTV Sports?

PTV Sports is not telecasting the important events like Hockey Asia Cup 2022 and also missed out on the broadcasting rights for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Reports reveal that the new government has made major changes in the management of the channel which has halted its progress.

PTV Sports is the country’s leading sports broadcaster as well as the only provider for the overall reeling Pakistan Television Network. However, PTV Sports is on a downward spiral, especially if the administration continues to ignore it and doesn’t introduce measures to rescue the channel.

From presenting the major sports events from all around, all of a sudden PTV Sports is nowhere to be seen among the broadcasters of marquee tournaments. Recently, India locked horns with Pakistan in the Hockey Asia Cup while PTV Sports turned a blind eye to the event altogether.

Hence, Pakistan’s top sports channel failed to telecast an Indo-Pak contest of the national game. Moreover, the football fans will also have to look to other channels as PTV Sports has failed to acquire broadcasting rights for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Reportedly, the halt in the progress of PTV Sports is linked to regime change in the country. Soon after taking control, the new government decided to sack the top administration as well as put the brakes on most of the ongoing and future plans.

PTV had earned its highest ever revenue of Rs. 4 billion with a major chunk coming from PTV Sports. Reportedly, the rift in the administration occurred due to contracts made with the ARY network by the previous government.

ProPakistani has contacted the PTV officials to shed light on the matter but there is no response so far from their end. Anyhow, if the rumors hold any credibility the new government is on its way to destroying the leading branch of national TV. We also tried contacting Information Minister, Mariyum Aurangzeb, however, she could not be reached due to the political situation in the country.