The New Infinix NOTE 12 VIP – True Leadership in Industrial and Slim Iconic Design With Exceptional Performance

Creating a slim yet powerful smartphone has been the goal of smartphone manufacturers all over the world since the release of the first smartphone back in 2008. The main challenge arises when packing in powerful internals such as a bigger battery, high refresh rate screens, high-performance camera modules, and fast-charing capabilities that take up a lot of room internally.

These powerful features make smartphones thicker and slimming them down is often prohibitively expensive for the supplier raising costs for the end-user. In many circumstances, the consumer is left with the choice of having a bulky powerful smartphone or a beautifully slim device with lower performance.

Infinix aims to change this dynamic, with the release of the new NOTE 12 VIP by utilizing next-level industrial design to fit powerful mid-range internals into a slim and sleek smartphone body, available to consumers around the world at truly attainable price points.

Looking at NOTE 12 VIP

The NOTE 12 VIP takes inspiration from sports car designs to deliver a sophisticated-looking device that oozes style while providing top-notch performance.

Coming in with a thickness of just 7.89mm and a weight of only 198g, the NOTE 12 VIP is a marvel in industrial design with its powerful package containing a large 6.7-inch display, 120W Hyper Charge capabilities, and a stunning 108MP cinematic camera.

Fitting these incredible internals into such a slim and lightweight device makes the NOTE 12 VIP stand above the crowd as one of the thinnest 120W ultra-fast charging smartphones available on the market today.

Designed with Ultra-thin Glass Fiber

Fiberglass is made when glass is drawn or blown into extremely fine fibers, these fibers retain the tensile strength of glass and are very flexible. Although it has the advantage of being both thin & light, the sprayed-on glass fiber used throughout the industry often makes the devices it’s present on feeling cheap and plastic-like.

The ultra-thin glass fiber used on the NOTE 12 VIP is an ultra-thin composite material based on ultra-thin glass fiber material combined with optical coating and UV texture.

The material consists of 8 layers of glass fiber stacked on top of each other, each layer of glass fiber consists of a precision fusion of glass fiber cloth and resin, with a thickness of only 0.05mm. Combined with a multi-layer nano-level surface process, the glass fiber back cover has a durable and aesthetically-pleasing frosted texture, tested with puncture resistance and an astonishing thickness of just 0.45mm and weighing only 8.5g.

The end result is a flexible covering that presents both thin & strong protection to the NOTE 12 VIP in Cayenne Gray and Force Black color schemes for an understated luxurious aesthetic.

Stunning AMOLED Screen

By using a flexible AMOLED screen, the NOTE 12 VIP maintains a slimmer profile when compared to standard AMOLED displays along with the added benefit of richer colors and transparency with the addition of stronger drop resistance.

Flexible AMOLED screens have fewer structural components and only weigh a tenth of standard variants allowing the NOTE 12 VIP’s screen to both look better with a thinner profile.

In addition, the NOTE 12 VIP adopts COP packaging technology that gives the device a bottom bezel thickness of just 3.1mm with an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio of 93.1% for a truly immersive smartphone experience.

The Future of Smartphone Design?

Infinix has always followed a user-centric and demand-oriented design philosophy for all of its clients, which paid dividends in gaining Infinix certifications from prestigious organizations within the industry for respective device launches.

The Infinix Zero 8 and Infinix Note 10 Pro have consecutively won the German IF Design Award, while the Infinix Concept Phone won the CMF Supreme Gold Award of the CMF Design Award.

These awards represent the quality of Infinix devices and their strive to continue making the best possible devices for users at attainable price points for young consumers worldwide. Infinix is a brand that’s moving forward, seeking to improve and democratize high-end technology, making it accessible & available at reasonable and fair price points

Stay tuned to all things Infinix for upcoming device launches and exciting updates coming soon.

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