PCB Discovers 20 Bowlers Who Can Bowl Faster Than Hasan Ali

Nadeem Khan, Director of the National High-Performance Centre (NHPC), is optimistic about Pakistan’s future fast bowling prospects, stating that the cricket board has unearthed 20 bowlers who can clock over 140 kmph.

While speaking to the media about the recent performance of the conditioning camp, Nadeem said, “There are already more than 20 bowlers who can bowl at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. These fast bowlers are between the ages of 19 and 24.”

Nadeem Khan further added that the conditioning camp experience went well and the cricket board has decided to hold a specialized camp at the High-Performance Center.

“The PCB has decided to set up a specialized camp at the High-Performance Center. The conditioning camp experience has been successful. Now we are planning a specialized camp.”

In addition, he stated that the cricket board will appoint a foreign coach to help aspiring young quicks and address their concerns, which will improve the pace arsenal and provide us with many backup options.

Nadeem also praised Omer Rasheed’s assistance, saying that while he did a good job of correcting Hasnain’s bowling action, however, he needs to work more with Hasnain now that the young pacer has to get used to it.

“In the past, outside consultants were hired to correct the action, but this time Omar Rasheed worked with Mohammad Hasnain. More work needs to be done with him because Hasnain cleared his action, but now he has to get used to it.”

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