Sindh Blacklists Teacher Over Controversial Question Regarding Muhajir Community

The Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) has blacklisted a teacher who had included a controversial question regarding the immigrant (muhajir) population in the province.

According to details, a teacher had asked the students to detail the problems engendered after accommodating a large number of immigrants in the province.

The highly contentious question was asked from the students of DAE third-year in the final paper for Islamiat/Pakistan Studies/Ethics.

Speaking in this regard, Chairman SBTE, Dr. Masroor Sheikh, said that the teacher who set up the paper has been blacklisted and the Controller of Examinations SBTE has been ordered to ensure the checking of question papers before finalizing them.

Chairman SBTE also apologized to the immigrant community and assured them that the board will take robust measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Meanwhile, instead of issuing a notification to launch departmental proceedings against the involved teacher, SBTE has merely released a circular to condemn the incident.

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    • Q Hindustani muhajiron k bare me nai General Question tha…wese Q ye hona chaye tha Indian immigrants ki wajha se karachi me target killings bhata khori china cutting etc q hue…?

      • Tameez se baat Karo jab Puri knowledge na hona to bola mat kijiye fuzul ki batain target killing dehshatgardi me sirf muhajir hi dikhte Hain Kya??
        Lyari gangwar uzair Baloch, PPP,, Sindh Nationalist qadir magsi, ANP ye nhin dikhte?

  • 100% Correct Question tha…immigrants ki wajha world me problems hote jobs shelter etc…wese media me sindh or karachi ki controversial term use krne pe media ki gand me takleef Q nai hoti…???

  • So what is wrong to ask this question? Yet, we couldn’t bear the truth and realism of the day.

    • You dont know anything kid you just blind by the heatred against muhajir. Go ask your Dad who made Pakistan and who still running Pakistan these sindhis and punjabis are the real problem who made bangladesh by their hatred. Bear the real truth idiot

      • Is there any community in the world except you people said yourselves mahajir? After 75 years you couldn’t accept to call yourselves Sindhi, shame on you.

  • The amount of hatred and racism against muhajir is astonishing mostly by sindhi and punjabi. Bangladesh made due to this reason I hope Karachi also seperated from these hate mongers.

    • یہی صلا دینا تھا ، جن لوگوں آپ گلے لگایا، اپنی ملکیت میں حصے دار بنایا۔ یے نمک حرامی نہیں تو کیا ہے۔

      • konsa nasha karte ho bhai? kis ne gale lagaya or kis ne hissa dia? History parh k ao pehle phir baat karna. Pakistan azad hone k bad sab indian muslims jo Pakistan ana chahte the sab ka tha tumhare papa ya chache ka nahi tha

  • In my opinion such questions should be asked in way to spread awareness of ever changing of the world matrix. After all we are all immigrants from somewhere nothing wrong with wanting a better life or to avoid persecution. With regards to the rather hateful comments above such people should seek the truth before involving themselves into stupid fruitless conversations bearing no good end result. You are not Muhajirs anymore, nor are you Sindhis or Punjabis, Balochs, pakhtuns. You are part of something bigger and that’s Pakistan so learn to be a Pakistani only from now and onwards. Communities and clans are a thing of the past. Today you are recognised by what country you are from and not from which clan or community you belong to. Learn to accept and live with each other’s differences and maybe just maybe you can get a semi utopian society built after all.

  • What was wrong with the question? Isn’t immigrants a reality? Why are we shying away from the ground realities. The huge migration had not only changed the demography of Sindh put terrorist organization like MQM started politics in name of Muhajar which created division and ethnic hatred. Immigrants still call themselves Muhajar and MQM has always put then live in fear and sense of deprivation.

  • Muhajir are the real prince of the Pakistan.
    Because of there Bloody Sacrifice. Pakistan become a independent country.
    If they did not not do the struggle at that time. We can’t liberate.
    Like Afghanistan , if they fight alone they can’t be liberated. The mujahideen came to Afghanistan from all around the world then the succeeded.🤗

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