Amazon Shuts Down Over 13,000 Pakistani Accounts Due to Fraud

Amazon has reportedly closed down more than 13,000 Pakistani seller accounts due to allegations of committing fraud. Small business owners opting to become Amazon Sellers is a trend that has been on a constant rise over the past few years due to government support under Pakistan Post’s different offerings to promote the cottage industry and increase the country’s exports.

However, people with knowledge of the matter told ProPakistani that Amazon has closed around 13,500 accounts of Pakistani sellers.

Amazon has reportedly declared Mian Chanuu and Sahiwal, cities in Punjab, as fraudulent red zones because sellers operating from these areas have been found involved in fraudulent activities. Sources have claimed that Amazon has also blocked the IP addresses from Mian Channu and now people from these areas are operating accounts from Dubai or through the computers of other clients.

As per the details, the sellers are committing frauds in different ways which are being locally referred to as kabootar (pigeon trick), rickshaw trick, carding, and filing.

Kabootar Trick

Sellers use the Kabootar trick, i.e. use fake tracking, when the buyer orders the products from such fraudulent Amazon seller. There are two different websites that provide fake tracking.

Usually, Amazon credits the amount to sellers within 14 days, however, such sellers inform the customers that it will take 15 to 20 days to deliver their orders. The customer does not raise any disputes by believing the sellers and Amazon transfers the amount to the seller after 14 days. Actual purchasers never get their products, and the fraudulent sellers make their money. Sellers reportedly earn thousands of dollars through this Kabootar trick.


People who create an account on a dark web website are mostly involved in carding. Such people buy hacked cards from such websites for $100 to $200 with complete details, including card number, expiry, and Card Verification Value (CVV).

Such sellers use these cards to buy prepaid gift cards and sell those. This way, they can avoid getting caught by the authorities.


Another method is filing in which sellers receive the order on an Amazon account, buy it from another account but ship it to the original honest buyer. They create such secondary accounts on Sam’s Club, Walmart and different vendors and purchase the products that amazon customers had ordered and use the buyer’s delivery addresses.

With some assistance from Sam’s Club’s staff, all the orders that have been delivered to Amazon customers are refunded as the same buyer gets delivery from one seller. The fraudulent seller receives the money from the buyer and the refund from the second vendor.

Sales Tax Fraud in the US

Some sellers are also misusing details of publicly available companies registered in the US. For example, they simply pick the company’s details from google and use it to buy Amazon Business Prime where they purchase the products for Amazon customers.

This only works for Amazon to Amazon drop shipping, however. The seller picks the company director’s name, creates an email account and registers Amazon Business Prime accounts. After doing so, the seller uses the company’s EIN to remove tax on purchasing. At the end of the year, the company pays all the sales tax which they never received. Moreover, as per Amazon policy, they give a one-month free trial to their business customers. The sellers use these Amazon prime accounts for only 29 days and the day when the amount is deducted, they cancel that prime account and buy another one.

It is noteworthy that 80,000 Pakistanis have opened Amazon Seller accounts, second only to China.

  • Our awam is the real culprit, they have their hands full in all these fraudulent activities and then we curse our so called politicians for everything that’s happening as of now, sigh!!!!

    • Correct term is …
      Punjabis will sell everything for money. Punjab n Punjabi army is running Pakistan show since inception and look at our never ending Downward trend.

      Punjab was neither interested in PK.
      Most duffers n corrupt part of Pakistan is Punjabis n never offered Good Leadership in 75Years

  • Again we have proved ourselves as a corrupt, greedy, unethical, and rascal nation (Sorry to Say). I don’t understand why we abuse politicians and the army, the world knows us better.

  • Amazon never discloses these info about red zones etc
    Most of these tricks are not possible – not sure where the writer is getting this info

    Amazon will hold sellers money for as long as they want and if any doubt or new accounts they will hold it for months

    They have some of the best brains working for them

  • Jhooti kahani pakistan ko badnaam krne k lye. Pakistani itnay taiz kab se huway technology me???
    Is kahani ka koi proof ni..agar ye fraud amazon p itna asan hota to indian sab se pele kartay

    • Mr Umair this Syed haq do you know your country Pakistan Is the number 4 in the World so please think is over don’t make lame excuses take care of your countryman it will be lot better for you and our country Pakistan God bless our Country and bless that’s only I can say thanks

  • As far as corrupt Pakistani Business people are concern I have to say that should be punished according to the USA law and Ask Pakistani regeim to give them punishement accordingly Pakistans law but the problem is right now Pakistani GOVT is also corrupt so we have to go UN for this kind of people in Pakistan they should in touch with IMRAN Khan former PM to see this corruption problem an find it or take care of those people asap thanks. Thanks

      • No thanks I will never chance my statement they corrupt should learn their lesson so they should never do this kind corruption again I strongly concern about my country Pakistani and I feel a shamed to say that I am a Pakistani thanks

  • And for some reason, these Pakistanis feel proud and tell stories of conducting these fraudulent activities and don’t being caught or punished.

  • FIA must take action against those who are involve such activities… and cause of defame Pakistan and harm those who want to earn honestly….

  • ye is qoum ka purana wateera hai isi liye aaj tk inhi chezon mein No 1 rahi ye bhool chuke sbka hisab dena hai

  • Pakistan men ziyadatar fraud Punjabi karte Hain ye azmayi hui bat hai mene daraz se shaving machine mangai Thi Jo 2 hafte mein kharab ho gai aur seller Punjab ka tha

    • Mr Ali Shams for God sake don’t blame

      Pakistani if they belongs from any province as a Pakistani we all are Muslim brothers and so please for Allahs sake don’t you blame any of us if they are honest like our former PM Imran Khan yes if the People are dishonest you are dam right but please don’t blame all Pakistani Punjabi People though I am from mahajir family even then as a Pakistani we are all Equal as a Muslim ALHAMDOLILAH SWT

  • I don’t know from where did you get this information that amazon shuts down 13000 accounts as they never publiahed any details such like that ever. you have not provided any reliable source of this information. Shameful act to spread such fake news.

  • I am interested in Amazon working please details me for what’s app contact me 03055168764

  • Hahahaha so the fastest growing country on Amazon has revealed it’s true hideous face to put us all to shame. Pakistani Zindabad

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