IPC Committee Invites Olympians to Discuss Pakistan Hockey’s Affairs

Inter-Provincial Coordination Committee is set to hold a meeting on hockey affairs at Parliament House on 17 August.

The Standing Committee on IPC has called the much-awaited meeting to discuss and resolve the issues faced by Pakistan Hockey seeing the current disruption in running the affairs of the game in the country. The main objective of the meeting has been stated ‘to consider the affairs of Pakistan Hockey Federation regarding the new election and its overall performance’.

The issues surrounding the election of the Pakistan Hockey Federation will be discussed at the meeting as it has caused a major dispute between PHF and Pakistan Sports Board.

The meeting will be held at Parliament House on 17th August as the invitations have been sent out to notable personalities in the field of hockey including former Olympian Akhtar Rasool, Shehbaz Senior, Khawaja Mohammad Junaid, and Rehan Butt.