An Innings by Innings Breakdown of Asif Ali’s T20I Record

Asif Ali, known for hitting big sixes and blowing hot and cold at times, has been a primary part of Pakistan’s T20I plans. We will take a look at his T20I career in an attempt to see how much of an impact he has, and what Pakistani cricket fans need from him.

The power hitter has the ability to turn the game on its head with his big shots and the world of cricket has seen it more than once.

Asif Ali smashed back-to-back sixes at a crucial stage to win the thrilling contest against Afghanistan in the T20 World Cup 2021. Not looking far too deep in history, Asif Ali helped Pakistan reach a defendable total against England in the fourth match of the ongoing T20I series with his 13* off 3 balls. The hard-hitting batter has done it quite a lot of times for Islamabad United too.

In his 47 international appearances, Asif Ali batted 42 times to score 494 runs at an overall strike rate of 138.37 while his average remains 15.93.

Since Asif Ali faces only a few balls most of the time as he comes in to bat in the lower order, his average may not matter the most because building the innings is not one of his defined roles. We will take a look at his international performances to see the impact he has as a finisher with his six-hitting ability and enormous strike rate.

We have highlighted the innings where his strike rate is above 150, which is quite good looking at the pace with which other Pakistani batters play in the shortest format.

Opponent Runs Balls Sixes Strike Rate
West Indies 1 2 0 50.00
West Indies 14 8 1 175.00
West Indies 25* 16 1 156.25
Scotland 1 1 0 100.00
Scotland 0 2 0 0.00
Zimbabwe 41* 21 4 195.23
Australia 22 20 2 110.00
Australia 37* 18 2 205.55
Australia 17* 11 1 154.54
Australia 2 3 0 66.66
Australia 9 6 1 150.00
Australia 4 5 0 80.00
New Zealand 24 21 1 114.28
New Zealand 38 34 2 111.76
New Zealand 2* 3 0 66.66
South Africa 13 7 1 185.71
South Africa 2 3 0 66.66
South Africa 25 20 2 125.00
England 3 3 0 100.00
Sri Lanka 6 10 0 60.00
Sri Lanka 29 27 0 107.40
Sri Lanka 1 2 0 50.00
Australia 11 10 1 110.00
Australia 4 5 0 80.00
South Africa 7 8 0 87.50
South Africa 5 9 0 55.55
Zimbabwe 1 3 0 33.33
New Zealand 27* 12 3 225.00
Afghanistan 25* 7 4 357.14
Scotland 5* 4 0 125.00
Australia 0 1 0 0.00
West Indies 1 4 0 25.00
West Indies 9 7 1 128.57
West Indies 21* 7 2 300.00
Australia 3 5 0 60.00
India 9 7 0 128.57
India 16 8 1 200.00
Afghanistan 16 8 2 200.00
Sri Lanka 0 1 0 0.00
Sri Lanka 0 1 0 0.00
England 13* 3 2 433.33
England 5 4 0 125.00

Asif Ali has batted at a strike rate of above 150 in 13 out of 42 innings and his cameos have often been match-winning, especially against top teams at crucial times. While a strike rate of 125 is not too good for a batter of his ability, and not least what fans expect, he has scored at this rate 5 times in his T20I career.

It must also be noted that Asif Ali being a power hitter is not likely to deliver with consistency. The hard-hitter has provided crucial runs on several occasions, winning matches for Pakistan against the odds. However, there have been days when he got out early in an attempt to hit big. All this comes along with the capricious nature of his role. In a nutshell, Asif Ali is a game-changing finisher for when he bats well, Pakistan mostly wins.

However, fans would want to see him deliver as well when sensible cricket is needed without having to score at a monstrous strike rate. When that happens, Asif Ali has disappointed most of the time, the latest case being the 5th T20I against England, where all he needed was to play the full quota of 20 overs instead of throwing away his wicket with an ugly smash.

As of now, he only has two modes in international T20s; he either smashes big at a solid strike rate or gets out cheaply. He needs to find the right balance and play sensible cricket at times to improve his numbers and win more matches for his country.

  • Asif Ali is My Favorite Player From the start of his career in PSL, and i always considered him someone different from other batters but the expectations we expected he never came over on, He Should Need To Focous, play sensible and show maturity.

  • He is not a cricketer he is a baseball player. He doesn’t have the sense of batting.

  • آصف اچھے سٹروک کھیل سکتا ہے مگر اسے تھوڑا سوچ سمجھ کے کھیلنے کی ضرورت ہے ۔ شاہد آفریدی کی طرح ہر بال پے چھکا مارنے کی کوشش میں آؤٹ ہو جاتا ہے۔

    Doesn’t perform at crucial times.
    Throw him out, and don’t let me come near the stadium.
    And also his buddy: BUDDIL SHAH

  • Lightning does not strike everyday… Asif ali this asif ali that, he has shown his worth many times and as Muslim brothers we should support him. Even Babar Azam has suffered in asia cup but we know what he’s capable of so we support him. Inshallah Asif will perform again n again for this country. Hope for best.

  • He did not play more then 15 balls. Is it enough for T20 towards the team score.
    I think PCB must revise policy for selecting a batsman

  • As a pinch hitter, Asif Ali’s stats do not justify his place in the team. Playing as a batsman his average should be above twenty at current strike rate or at least strike rate of 150+ as a hitter with lower average.
    Among the current middle order lot, no one can match Shoaib Malik’s records/stats. He can even be a much better pinch hitter than Asif.

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