Imam-ul-Haq Stands Behind Khushdil Shah Over Crowd’s ‘Parchi’ Chants

Pakistan’s middle-order batter, Khushdil Shah, has come under severe criticism for his dismal performance in the recently concluded Asia Cup 2022 and seven-match T20I series against England at home.

In six Asia Cup 2022 matches, the left-handed hard-hitter scored 58 runs at an average of 15.50 with a best of 35 runs, while against England, he scored 63 runs in four innings at an average of 21.00.

During the last T20I, when the Bannu-born cricketer lost his wicket to Adil Rashid after reaching 27 runs off 25 balls, Pakistan fans chanted ‘parchi’ slogans at him, a term used to describe players who are given preferential treatment.

However, Imam-ul-Haq has expressed his displeasure over the incident and has urged cricket fans to avoid such behavior with any player because it can psychologically torture the player.

Imam wrote on social media, “I would like to request our fans to avoid such rants at any player as it can badly impact the player’s health and try to support them like you always do, regardless of the results. We play for you, we play for Pakistan.”

It is worth noting that the left-handed opener has experienced similar criticism from fans in the past, but he has addressed all of his critics with the bat by demonstrating exceptional performance in the recent past.

During an interview with ESPNcricinfo, Imam said, “whenever I would open my phone, there were people tagging me on social media posts or sending me stuff.” However, Imam announced that he would name his autobiography ‘Parchi.’

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