PTA Issues Clarification on ‘No Import Taxes on Personal Mobile Phones From Overseas’

With reference to a news item titled ‘PTA recommends extension of mobile phone tax relief for overseas Pakistanis’ that appeared on some news sites, it is stated that certain aspects of the story have been reported out of context.

It is clarified that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been working in consultation with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to develop a mechanism for overseas Pakistanis and Foreign nationals etc. whereby they can apply for temporary registration. The proposed maximum allowed time under this system for such applicants shall be up to 120 days on each visit to Pakistan.

Once this mechanism is operational, Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals may avail of this facility of temporarily registering their one mobile device on each visit to Pakistan without incurring any customs duties for 120 days.

However, if said device is intended for permanent use in Pakistan then it shall be subject to applicable FBR customs duties/taxes.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the PTA will no longer block smartphones if they are brought from overseas. The PTA has also requested the FBR to exempt smartphones from import taxes, reported the media outlets.

However, media outlets also reported that the PTA will only exempt one smartphone brought from overseas for personal use. Smartphones imported in bulk or for retail purposes, for instance, will still have to pay the regular import taxes for PTA approval.

  • If PTA and FBR approved 1x phone with taxes exempt per traveler policy it beneficial for many hardworking overseas workers and would ease the burden.
    Let’s hope for the best.
    My well wishes to all the Pakistanis

  • Pakistan is depending on foreign remittances. Infact Pakistan is nothing without overseas. What type of benefits overseas are getting from government of Pakistan.

    • They dont get any benefit..infact they end up lossing there savings and get harrased by authorities in pakistan..victamised while people in pakistan have 0 care for country or love for it…

    • Contact in mobile market, they have lot of methods to open locked mobiles. It depends on your choice but PTA charges very high.

  • I bought my personal iPhone from Saudi Arabia even i paid tax to Saudi government but I reached home it was blocked it doesn’t make sense that you can’t even use your personal hand set in your country 1 hand use must be allowed. !!

  • Didn’t you read that it’s only for 120 days. If you stay more than 120 days you have to pay for registration.

  • My personal phone block I request so mini time I am temporary stay in Pakistan pls open my phone but no reply so I again come back and use here so I request to PTA almost one photo free but shore fist registrar because ho know how use the phone

  • plz PTA open my phone i request you dear plz Start ma phone God Bless you and your families plz plz

  • This is not fare to oversee s Pakistani to pay tax his personal phone.this type law is not anywhere.

  • Why PTA block my smart phone , bought one year ago in Lahore and registered my smart phone now after one year they once again blocked my phone 📱 why ? I payed tax once again after one year 3 thousand

  • My own is closed from mobile J6 + PTA because 20013 taxes while the mobile price is 10000 in Mirasm is not in the role of Pakistan

  • PTA should exempt one phone from all duty and taxes irrespective of stay in Pakistan. My telephone remains blocked till now. I had to face lot of inconvenience because of this.

  • Is it true that one smart phone will be exempt from all taxes which is for personal use in Pakistan

  • Black sheeps are sitting in all of the government departments in Pakistan PTA, FBR and Airport authorities my data was sold last year when I landed in Pakistan, I was trying to register 1 mobile which was mentioned, PTA site replied that some other device is already registered under these details 🤬🤬

  • Still confused statement need proper instruction of those overseas Pakistani can they used his old smart phone without PTA duty or have to pay this

  • My own is closed from mobile Samsung + PTA because 20013 taxes while the mobile price is 10000 in Mirasm is not in the role of Pakistan

  • When Pakistani Ex-pats return home for good, they should be allowed to import one mobile telephone free of any taxes, why penilise Pakistani Ex-pats when they have worked hard abroad, supported the Pakistani Rupee by sending funds back to their loved ones, only to be taxed on goods such as mobile telephones when returning back to Pakistan.

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