Qatar’s Elite Stadiums Allows Fans to Watch FIFA World Cup Live From Bedroom

Qatar’s top-class football stadiums are set to offer fans the luxury of watching the FIFA World Cup 2022 live from the comfort of their bedrooms.

With the completion of Qatar’s grand football stadiums especially designed to stage the FIFA World Cup 2022, the fans are in awe of their glory. Qatar has taken things to the next level as it features private suites and rooms in the stadium for the spectators who do not want to leave their beds to catch live action.

Al-Bayt Stadium has 96 rooms and suites circling the football ground. Similar facilities will be available in Lusail Stadium during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. These rooms are as splendid as any five-star hotel room, however, they turn into a high-end enclosure as soon as the window is opened. The fans booking these rooms will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the stands by merely stepping into their balconies.

Explaining the concept of these elite enclosures, the representative of the administration told, ” Just like an airplane has economy, business, and first classes, we have a range of hospitality products designed for a range of clients, from the super-luxurious to the casual and relaxed. These types of hospitality products give people a way to guarantee their access to the game, with additional benefits, whether they are booking a family-friendly lounge, or hosting their VVIP guests in an exclusive suite.”

According to a report the most expensive suite for FIFA World Cup 2022 was booked for about 2.5 million dollars at Lusail Stadium.